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Seems it’s all I ever do, all I ever talk about and what I go to sleep thinking about and wake up thinking about. Must. Pace. Self. I even missed the pathetic Packer game tonight ( do ya believe it!?!) because I couldn’t tempt myself with getting involved in a game. I heard they lost. Hell, they didn’t just lose — they got slammed. Probably a good thing I didn’t watch. Hmm..maybe next week against the Lions? Is it possible that this is going to be a no-win season?

Pessimistic, I know.

I just have to give some kudos over to Alex – – I think I found what my brain lacks in him. I just completed a project with him that went so smooth, I’m still doing a double take. A client of mine had a very unique request for a blog — not just design, but function as well. I contacted Alex about 3 weeks ago to see if I could beg, purchase, borrow, steal his brain for awhile to get this accomplished. He obliged. I gave him details. He asked for the materials. I sent them. He went on vacation to Hawaii and promised the completed project upon his return. True to his word, I even got them two days early. And his portion of the project worked like a dream! Thank you, Alex — I envy your brain.

Now THAT is the way I want to do business every single time.

Oh, and the unique project will be unveiled by my client within the week. I know they are chomping at the bit to get up and running!

Let’s see . . finished the rush print job I got hired to do this week . . again another very smooth operation. Well, it would have been if I hadn’t spelled one of the words wrong lol But that was a quick fix and we were on our way. Also am halfway finished with skinning Michael’s blog – – his second skin will be done by Wed. eve at the very latest. Tomorrow is reserved for Stacy – – she had some really cool ideas for her blog, as well. Oh, oh – – we also need to welcome Kimberly to the Blogs About Community – – she’s a new start up over there, go give her a big hello.

Hey, UG – I think I’m actually gonna sleep tonight .. unless you’re planning on calling, that is 😉

Nite nite!

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7 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work”

  1. The game was pathetic – – from the first two minutes through the end. You didn’t miss much.

    As for calling, not tonight – – you need to get some sleep and so do I. We’ll catch up tomorrow 😉

    sweet dreams and nite nite

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