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In case you haven’t heard – WordPress has a new service at . It is a hosted blog solution. You don’t need a hosting account. You don’t have to install any software. It’s all done for you! It’s free, too – with the advantage of using the fabulous WordPress blog platform!

But – there is one catch! WordPress.com is only offering these blogs by invite only, at this time.

Awwwwww. /cry

But! I know somewhere that you can get your hands on an invitation!. It’s a WordPress.com blog invitation give-away:

So – in dealing with my dillema on what to do with this invitation.. I thought, why not give it away??

So, there you have it. Leave a comment here in this post: in 10 words or less, give it your best shot in describing why you need this wordpress.com blog giveaway and I’ll send the invite to the one I like the best!

You don’t need it, you say? Tell a friend. Trackback this post on your own blog. Help a friend get off Blogger!

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12 thoughts on “WordPress.com Giveaway”

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