WordPress Weather Plugin

September 29, 2004 * 12 Comments

Too many people to count have emailed me asking where I got the weather plugin that I’ve displayed over there in my side menu. I’ve responded to each and every single one of them – but, I figure because of the popularity of this script – – I’d make a post and provide the link. So here it is I did, however, edit the weather.php script to change how it’s displayed on my site, because I don’t like those list item bullets!


September 27, 2004 * 6 Comments

Chelle turned me onto a great music plugin for WordPress. I used to use blogamp, a lifetime ago – but took it off shortly after because it was wonky and I didn’t like the way it displayed. This plugin uses Audioscrobble and you can use it with most any music player : WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar, etc. It displays the last 10 tunes you’ve played (by default). You can view mine on the far left column underneath “She be Jammin’”. You go to Audioscrobbler and create an account – then grab the plugin for the player you like […]

More on the Spam Monster

September 18, 2004 * 16 Comments

Well, yesterday, I got over 3000+ pieces of spam from that little monster. He has program that is automated to just keep hitting your wp-comments-post.php every 2-3 seconds, dropping the email in. WordPress has great comment spam protection – – however, it moderates the spam, which is great when it’s someone dropping one or two spam comments. But, when you have someone who is using a program like Python to automate the spam, bypass the front door of your site and hit the comment post function directly ever 2 seconds and it results in thousands of spam – – it […]

Spam Monster

September 17, 2004 * 15 Comments

I found a little monster in my email box today. He’s spamming my blog. Apparently these guys have gotten wise to the WordPress way of comment spam control and know that the default number of URLs allowed before it’s moderated for spam purposes is 5. You can set it lower in Options/Discussion and scrolling to the bottom. Another thing you can do is cut and paste this list into your spam moderation box (beneath the area where you configure the # of URLs) and it will moderate out the addressed spammers. I’ve put it together for you to download here […]


June 24, 2004 * 7 Comments

I just have to reaffirm that WordPress ROCKS, man! I’m in the middle of doing some custom work for a new client who has a TypePad (SixApart’s hosted, paid version of Movable Type) blog. I have a ‘dummy’ TypePad account, because I’ve had quite a few TypePad customers, actually – and it’s worth it for me to have the account to play around in when designing new, custom skins for my Type Pad clients. I can’t take it!!!!! It is sooooooooooooooo slow!! All those templates are enough to make a person scream…..loudly!! I’m over working in TypePad and my fingers […]

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