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On another domain I own – where I do all my testing and make all my mistakes before publishing a finished product, I installed the latest beta version of WordPress 1.2. I have to say – I’m impressed and keeping a close eye on the WordPress forums for bugs and for word when the final release is out.

It has a very nice UI. Some of the highlights:

  • Allows you to install a plugin – you generally just need to put the plugin file into your wp-content/plugins directory. Once a plugin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it via admin panel
  • Easier to understand template editor – also allows you to edit my-hacks.php and your .htaccess
  • Trackback/Pingbacks seem to work seamlessly with no problems at all
  • As long as the files are chmod 666 – the editor allows you to edit any files on your server
  • Post Preview available
  • Allows you to shut off smiley graphics, if you so choose
  • Allows you to have WP correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
  • Allows you to define which ping services you want to ping without having to modify your my-hacks.php file (i.e. blo.gs, weblogs.com, etc)
  • WordPress will compress articles (gzip) if browsers ask for them
  • Spam control: When a comment contains any of the words you specify in its content, name, URI, email, or IP, hold it in the moderation queue

I’ll be upgrading just as soon as the final release is out.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress 1.2”

  1. Great thoughts on 1.2. I’ve been running it (more or less) since the first public beta came out and I do love it.

    You mentioned that trackbacks are working for you? I just finished a post where I tracked back to this one, and it didn’t appear to trackback.

  2. I have trackback issues with this release I’m using here. I’m using the 1.0.2 Blakely version. I haven’t upgraded to 1.2 on this blog yet – – I’m waiting for the final version.

    If you want to track back this post – – you have to cut and paste the trackback URI into the ‘Trackback an URI’ box in your editor – then it will work.

    But the version 1.2 that I tested didn’t have that bug – – I can’t wait to upgrade!

  3. Right! I copied that URI over into the Trackback box and still no trackback. This wasn’t a problem for me using Blakey.

    Pingbacks do work and since I really never trackback anyway, I think I’m going to be ok. My preference is to provide a link to an article I’m quoting or that provided me with inspiration, and pingbacks are perfect for that.

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