With a Chaser


The storm wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We’re safe and alive . . for those who have inquired. Just like everyone told me – – it was a bit of rain, a bit of wind and that was really about it for us. The current winds are 10-12 mph with an approximate rainfall of 3 inches for the day.

Overall – not bad. We lived. It was all fine – further proving the extent of my storm neurosis to Chris and family. It’s ok, though – I can take it. I’m neurotic when it comes to storms, I fully admit that fact. No sense trying to deny it.

I’ve worked all day long since it rained and stormed all day. I did take a break to go outside and sit in the jacuzzi for an hour. It’s really kinda cool to sit in a 104 degree jacuzzi while the rain is falling all around you with winds gusting – – giving a nice cool breeze in comparison to the nice hot water. It’s where I take my coffee breaks down here.

Now? I just finished up 10 hours of straigh work. I’m settling in with a Bloody Mary (with a BIG dash of Habanero) and a chaser. In about 20 minutes, it’ll all be behind me and I can move on and start acting like a normal person, again.

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10 thoughts on “With a Chaser”

  1. “acting likek a normal person again”?????


    Doesn’t there have to be a first time before one can do it again???? 😈

  2. Lisa – You can tell you haven’t been down south too long yet. You’re still asking if I talk to my mother with my mouth rather than kissing her… 😈

  3. True, Astro – and we don’t blend in too well down here either. Everywhere we go – people ask.. “Ya’lls a loooong way from home – how’d ya’ll git here?” (they see our Wisconsin plates on the truck).

    We say, “Well, we drove down here”

    They laugh, and laugh and laugh and laugh like it’s the most hilarious thing ever!

    “Ya’ll know what I mean!! That was funny” they say…”How’d you git from WesCONsin all the way down here in ‘Bama??”

    I’m thinking….well…we drove down.


    Chris explains… “We have a lake home down here.”

    “OH! They say – so ya’ll are really locals then!”

    Yea. We’re locals then. 😀

  4. Lordy. Lisa, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that comment. But hey, you get to go back North. The last four years of living in the South have become a love/hate thing for me for reasons such as what you just described in your comment. At least they saw the plates on your car and didn’t wait to hear your voice and then comment on your being a long way from home by virtue of your accent. And the bonus is that they relegated you to be locals. Most locals would have heard the accent and not have been so welcoming.

  5. Astro – – I can’t even begin to tell you how many “Here’s your sign” moments I’ve experienced during this trip! lol

    We took our new kitten to the vet across the lake. He gets his shots. Gets his ear mites taken care of. Gets a ‘flea dip’.

    Afterwards….we go to the desk to pay. Chris hands her his Amex card.

    She looks at him and says “Ya’ll gonna pay with this?”

    Umm…no, we just wanted you to look at it and see how pretty it is, hun.

    Heeeere’s your sign!


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