Winding Down


My weekend of on-call is winding down nicely. This is the last time that I make the decision to pick up an entire weekend of call just to make a few extra bucks. Now I know why the company only has us do on-call one day at a time, instead of three. It’s incredibly taxing on the system – – not too mention the psyche.

I’m headed over to Mom’s today for a BarBQ – we get together every Memorial Day for a family cook-out. Things are getting better between my siblings and I – – however, I can’t help but think about the Memorial Day BarBQ of 2000 and still bear a few ill feelings. But I guess that, with time, those will eventually go away.

My 11-year old daughter got her period this weekend. I’m getting old.

I don’t have time for a BarBQ – – I have too much packing to do!! C. is leaving California on Tuesday (Tomorrow!!) and I’m SO not ready to move yet.


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