Will She Make It?


Two more weeks to go. Exactly two weeks from today.

They’ve already asked me to extend my resignation period until they can find someone to replace me. They cited the nursing shortage and lack of time in their failure to replace my position.

Now, I’m a nice and giving person, I really am. When they told me that they can’t find anyone to replace me – my thoughts first went to the patients and then to my co-workers who are going to have to pick up the slack when I leave.

I found myself entertaining the idea of staying on full-time through the end of August.

Someone hit me over the head, please? Hard.

I caught myself and told my boss I would have to think about it – – I probably would not do it, but to be nice – I’d give it some thought and get back to her by the end of the day.

I figured – – if I had time…I could make a Starbuck’s run and I would then find the answer within the cup of my quad shot latte. So I went to Starbucks….and there it was! Written in the coffee swirled in the foam of the milk.


I called Lynda and gave her the bad news.

It’s pure Zen, I’m tellin’ ya.

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3 thoughts on “Will She Make It?”

  1. So they say ““They all need to be seen, so you need to put in as many hours as you need to”. and then ask you to stay… Girl… I”m glad you said no..

  2. Wait a minute, they dumped on you bigtime and now they want you to stay longer? F*** that, don’t do it. After what they did, they’re lucky you didn’t change it to two days. And why is it now two weeks? Think you gave them too much time as it is. Leave. Man, you need my little whip icon.

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