Why did I do that?


So I’m sitting here at nearly 2am wondering why the hell I made that offer to my administrator earlier today? It seemed like such a good idea at the time – – helpful, anyways. Except over the past year, I have been working my ass off, after hours, developing my business. I have a pretty healthy client load these days. The hosting business is doing very well. Graphic and site design keeps me busy on a daily basis. My desktop publishing service is what really pays well – – and with that, my client load is so high that I’m stretched so far, I’m incapable of taking on new clients, at the moment. All of that, along with freelancing as a legal nurse consultant for a local medical consulting firm – – I could easily quit my day job and work for myself, and live very comfortably in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustom. All of that and working at home in my PJ’s — just me and my coffee cup.

Today, Chris made me an offer with his company. It’s a completely different focus from web hosting/designing and nursing. It’s working for his company in Legal IT Consulting. With some of the various skills I already have — and some training that he and Dan will put me through, they will hire me on a part time basis to work for them, remotely – from home. The huge bonus in that one is that, even though I’d only be part time – they’re willing to pay my full medical/dental insurance for me and the kids..in full.

It’s the insurance that has kept me in my full time day job. That’s been the one and only tie that binds. Chris and Dan’s offer completely eliminates that tie. I accept their offer and I’m working from home 100% of the time .. and only about 15% of my time is working for someone else.

Of course, I’m going to take them up on the offer. My goal for the past 4 years has been to work for myself – – from home. Everything I’ve done with my own business over the past 5 years has been with that goal in mind…to work for myself, make a salary comparable to what I’m used to making working full time for someone else and work on my own schedule, on my own time, on my own terms.

So – the day has come. The only thing hanging out there is that stupid offer I made to my administrator today. Although, I did tell her that I would put a 2 month limitation on the offer. I made it clear I do not want the job on a permanent basis and that I would only do it for two months. I could still make good on that offer, should she decide to take me up on it. I would still be able to work for Chris — obtain my insurance, continue at the pace I’m at right now by working after hours with the other aspects of my business. Then, in two months – step out of the position, as I promised and go along my merry little way.

I should have consulted an objective sane voice of reason before I made that offer. I’m beginning to panic that she’s actually going to take me up on it. Oy!

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  1. You offered because you care about the level of care the patience are receiving – – if she takes you up on it then I say she is going to the best person for the position and it is only for two months and we both know two months goes by so quickly. And hey, she may not come to you about it and you may be at the point you put in your notice before she even comes to you with the offer. See? It could all work out fine

  2. Looks like you’ll now have to sit back and see if she offers the 2 months. It does go quickly. I’m envious; I would love to work from home running my own business.

  3. Congratulations Lisa…Good things do come to those who deserve it…It was your turn Now maybe she will not take you up on the offer and if she does well two months will be over so soon:smile:

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