Why is it that everyone else in the country is having decent snow this winter except here? Of all places!

I shouldn’t misrepresent my state like that – we did get snow. A few inches this week. Not nearly the 30 some inches that Bear Mountain got in Cali, though. Dammit.

We got a few inches of fresh powder – which is always exciting for those of us who love to ski. So what does our local ski area do about it? They blow about 5 inches of fabricated snow on top of the good stuff!!

So much for fresh powder.


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19 thoughts on “Whine!”

  1. If it makes you feel any better – there wasn’t any snow when I was home in alaska either over christmas. We could see the grass, it was ODD! It’s like alaska and california winters have been reversed.

  2. Sounds like you got more snow then us, and there’s no way I could drag mrs. knight out to go skiing even with a foot of prime powder! 😥

  3. Oh, hey, is “Bear Mountain” in California translated to California-speak our “Big Bear mountain”? Probably.

    That’s where Tony and I went last weekend. His parents own a cabin up there. 😛

  4. Yeah, I suppose Californias have to make snowmen instead of snowwomen. They don’t get enough practice out there to learn how to hollow out the heads… 😈

  5. We’re planning a trip to Mammouth in California, or Breckenridge in CO. It’s a toss up – – but from what I’m hearing, Breckenridge is slowly winning the coin toss 🙂

  6. 5 Inches…
    Rub Rub Rub…

    As long as the five inches is just a start it doesn’t sound like Lisa should have much to whine about. 😈

  7. No snow, No football, WI is getting more like FL every day. Sorry to see you guys let the Vikes progress, but honestly you didn’t deserve it, they owned you.

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