We actually did it! We’re in the new house now – – can’t say that we are completely settled in – – but we’re actually living, eating and sleeping here. It took some doing, let me tell you.

C. arrived into town at about 8am Saturday morning. He pulled the truck up to the new house and I woke up and drove out to pick him up. I was still wearing my PJ’s!! I was that excited to see him – – I didn’t even get dressed for the occassion – – just pulled on a pair of slippers, threw my hair up into a ponytail and headed out to pick him up.

I thought he’d be exhausted. I was prepared to take him home, feed him, give him a hot, hot shower – – maybe some hot, hot whoopie – – and then let him crash in bed for however long he needed to. However, he had other ideas. Somewhere around the border of Illinois/Wisconsin – he caught his second wind and wasn’t a bit tired when he pulled into town.

The whoopie occurred – – hot and steamy on the floor of the empty ground floor bathroom of the new house. Poor man – he had to conquer me before he conquered the piles of boxes and furniture in the 27 foot truck, I guess (grin).

Then we unloaded the 1969 Mustang convertible off the tow dollie and returned the car tow back to the truck place. Made a quick stop at Starbuck’s for some MUCH needed coffee (for those of you planning a drive across the country – – DO NOT expect to find any coffee of substance on your way through Iowa, Nebraska or Kansas!). Then we tackled the truck.

Moving two households into one hasn’t been an easy chore. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday unpacking his stuff – – running the truck back to my house and packing then unpacking my stuff.

When nightfall came on Sunday night – we had the important things settled and unpacked. The kitchen is completely set up (that is a MUST), the beds were set up and ready to sleep in and the computers were networked and ready to fly.

We are currently living in a cluster-fuck of boxes, furniture and odds and ends all over the rest of the house – – I guess we’ll be unpacking and settling in for the next month, or so.

The best part of it all? Curling up next to him in bed everynight and waking up to his gorgeous face every morning. It makes the incredible ache in my lower back from moving all weekend incredibly worth it!!

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