They are gone!

Don’t get me wrong – – we had a great weekend and it was good to see them again.


There is NOTHING like that feeling of when everyone leaves…the house is quiet….and you know that you have NO MORE entertaining to do.

Our 4th of July BBQ/Party went well yesterday – – even the weather cooperated, seeing as how it rained all night Saturday and most of the morning on Sunday. The skies cleared around noon and stayed that way well into the evening.

Things I learned giving my first part for 25+ people:

–> I need to learn how to anticipate food intake.
–> What to do with all the leftovers? (Dinner, anyone?)
–> Diet A&W RootBeer is totally awesome!
–> Chris’s Fireworks show rivaled our local city show.
–> Illegal fireworks displays only rate a $50 fine from the local cops.
–> $400 worth of fireworks last about an hour.
–> $400 worth of fireworks is worth the $50 fine.
–> My sister and her family CAN behave themselves on MY turf.
–> Next year – – buy MORE booze. (buncha drunks they are)

Everything went off without a hitch. I made way too much food – – and with Chris gone for the week, it’s going ot be a challenge to eat it all before it goes bad – – and with me and my diet, the kids are going to have to do some MAJOR chowing down.

My sister brought an apple pie made by the Elegant Farmer It’s their Apple Pie in a Bag – – and it’s the best thing you’ll ever hang your lips on, trust me. You can order one from the website I listed…they ship in two days – – it is SO worth it.

Back to my diet tomorrow. I was doing really great over the last 2 1/2 weeks – – except for this weekend when I totally fell off of it…so far, my scale tells me I haven’t gained anything back, which is good. Tonight it’s definately time for a 2 mile walk on the treadmill.

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3 thoughts on “WHEW!”

  1. Glad everything went so well, I’m assuming no more problems with the plumbing after the 1st night.
    Everyone deserves a break from the diet but now back to it as you indicated….you go GF

  2. Very intrigued by the Apple Pie in a Bag – unfortunately I am in the most expensive bracket – it is $60 to get one to Arizona

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