Busy day that is almost ending…believe it or not.

I think I’m going to have to pick and post the top three captions to my Captions, Please? post that I made earlier – – you guys have some funny shit, I’m tellin’ ya. I already have my top caption in mind – – but I’ll keep it going for another day and post my absolute top three favorites tomorrow evening…maybe someone will outdo my current fav?

Spent the evening glued to my computer — doing some upgrades for some folks, and setting up services for a new hosting client.

Let’s see…what else is new around here….?

My daughter auditioned for (and was picked!) for a local talent show being held at her school next week. She is quite a singer, that girl. When she told me the song that she had chosen to do – – I was skeptical. See, I’m a singer, too — I spent a good part of my young adult life making a living as lead singer in an R&B band, regionally…that was inbetween going to college with a major in music (vocal performance and education). When she told me the tune she was going to do – – I said, “Honey – that’s a really tough song, actually.”

She’s doing “My Immortal” by Evenescence. It’s not difficult in that there are a lot of high notes – although, the song does cover a dynamic range – but that, I know she could handle. It’s the breathing. There are some pretty long phrases in that song that require a good deal of breath control. She assured me that she could do it.

It’s been a year since I’ve heard her sing.

She came bouncing home on Monday and told me that she made the cut! So, I had her bring out her CD (it has the song without the vocals) and let me hear her masterpiece.

I can’t describe it any better than this – – the girl had me in tears. I’m no stage mom – – but I can see how some people come to be that way. I was bursting with pride as my 12 year old daughter stood in the kitchen with her hair up in braids belting out that song like it meant the world to her.

I was worried about her breath control? Pfft! No worries here 🙂

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