There’s no place like home!

Seriously, I’m such a home body that I actually get home sick. Pathetic, huh? I know, I know – you all think I’m this worldly and wise woman of the 21st century – – but, quite honestly, I get homesick, I’m a creature of habit and I don’t take well to change.

I don’t like sleeping in a hotel bed. I don’t like hotel rooms that only offer CNN and not FoxNews! I don’t like being bored in a hotel room with nothing to do. I like my own espresso machine and making my own coffee. I don’t like waking up to a cold, computerized wake up phone call. And I don’t like being without my computer, dammit!

The program I went for, however, was informative and I learned a lot. Picked up many little details and somehow I haven’t picked up along the way. Like, did you know that if a patient, who is receiving morphine (or any other form of opioid narcotic), stops peeing – you should stop giving him/her the morphine because it is metabolized in the kidneys – and if they aren’t excreting it, they’ll go into severe opioid toxicity which isn’t a pretty thing. Interesting stuff like that.

I still have lots of stuff to blog about regarding my trip to NYC – which I’ll eventually get to this weekend. For now I just wanted to say “Hey!” to those of you that missed me while I was gone (I think Cam was the only one – – well, maybe Pinky missed me too. 🙂 )

I’m off now to make a cup of coffee in my own damn kitchen and cuddle up on my bed with my pillows and watch my TV with the channel tuned into FoxNews! Later, gators!

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2 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. Yay, you’re back!


    Sorry… that’s what the kids always say when I return from a trip.

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