What to do if you're Spam Attacked?

  1. Send a desperate letter requesting assistance to Geoffrey – I crown him the BlogSpam Slayer. Hmmmm…..BlamSlayer? Geoffrey, by the way, very graciously helped me a great deal – – and it was out of the kindness of his heart, not because he likes my boobs. (Although, is a self-admitted eye candy slut)  Thanks, Geoffrey xoxox
  2. Make sure you have MT-Blacklist installed — it makes for extremely easy deleting of silly, bored, idiotic, asshat spam comments!
  3. Track the IP’s of each of the postings — Ban the IP’s – – Ban them all.  Add them to your IP Deny Manager if you have access to CPanel through your web host.  If you don’t have that kind of access – – switch hosts!  *g*  If you OWN the web server – – add them to your server Firewall, that way any sites hosted on your server will grab the benefit of being protected by that block of IP’s.
  4. Make a hot cup of coffee…take a deep breath, sit back and delete the crap.

I came home from work today, sat down to download my email and about 45 minutes later I had downloaded about 4500 email alerts that someone had left comments in my blog. 4500 of them – and only one of them were legit!

I’ve counted about 135 different IP addresses – – all of which I’ve sent emails of complaints to the abuse@’IP holder”, as if that’s going to do anything because this child (or children) is very obviously using proxy servers. But, what the hell?

I then password protected my comments and archives for about an hour while I whined at Geoffrey The Blam Slayer for a while via email and put his advice into action. I’ve re-opened my comments for the time being to see what happens, if anything. I haven’t instituted his suggestion to do the three number code thing in my comments, yet – – but they may have to be the next step, unfortunately.

To the stupid, pathetic asshat spammer – the wheel’s spinning, but the hamster’s dead, pal. Get a life.

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11 thoughts on “What to do if you're Spam Attacked?”

  1. The big thing is just realizing that if someone wants to spam you, and are willing to put in the time, there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Report it, send in the server logs. and if they catch them they either prosecute (unlikely) or cancel their ISP (probable).

    The only thing you can do is make it work for them to spam. If I’m spammed now, it takes me literally only a few seconds to delete all the comments, another few seconds to make sure the IPs got added to the deny list, and I’m done. It causes me exactly zero frustration. I enjoy knowing he put more work into it than I did. And that’s that. The more they spam, the closer you get to catching them. It’s just a matter of comparing your activity logs with the proxy logs to track the ISP.

  2. It just sucks big time that both of you have had to put up with this at all. Not to sound like I’m gloating in anyway (HONEST!) but this another reason I won’t ever go back to using MT.

  3. This is a no gloating zone here, Dearie! The LEAST you could do is wait until the spam-carp are GONE before you come over here and gloat, you witch!

    Anyways *ahem* – I’m glad you are not experiencing any difficulties over there with your new, stylin’, sexy, fabulous layout!


  4. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that the same s*** happened to my blog yesterday, here in France. I have been luckier than you, as I “only” got 450 crap comments… But it seems it was a kind of “massive attack” this day…
    I have the feeling they used this spam tool on Sourceforge (one of my readers gave me the tip…).

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  6. You may already know this, but just in case, that flood of spam was a test – see http://floodmt.sourceforge.net/
    – of new spam software so this sadly is just the beginning. You must have drawn the short straw… but perhaps you can put a ‘name’ to the asshat spammer by looking there.

  7. Thanks for that, Jacques. Geoffrey, being ever helpful in this, icq’d me this earlier today.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles with them — but you’re right, a very amusing conversation you have over there.

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