What the hell?


Couldn’t sleep again last night. I know the reason for it, at least – – (guys, disregard) – – I’m having the absolute WORST cramps in my entire post-menstrual lifetime! I’ve never experienced them this bad — around 2am, they literally about had me in tears…and I’m not much of a tear type person. Around 3:30, after tiring of trying to sleep and find a comfortable position – I got up and rummaged around the bathroom cabinet and found some stray Vicodin that I had from a dental procedure done about a year ago – – popped two of them, and I’m finally feeling better – – but have had zero sleep. This should be a fun day at work.

So, I stayed up and redesigned the blog. What the hell? I got rid of some frivilous stuff that I really didn’t need/use/want, anymore. I got rid of the site skinning feature and a few buttons and stuff. Just tried to tone it down a bit and go with a more minimalist approach to the thing.

Will I keep it?

Do I ever?

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  2. Hey thanks for the comment, Vicki 🙂

    Nice looking blog you have there – – however, I’m not particularly interested in the content. Thanks for the invite, though 🙂

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