What happened to Cybil?


Whatever happened between then:

.. and now:

I’m unsure. I know she went through a bout of skin cancer 3-4 years ago and has been cancer free for 3 years. That second pictures is how she appeared on a recent talk show in Britain – – it’s like she just doesn’t care anymore about how she looks.

Maybe she doesn’t. Or maybe that’s just what the absence of soft light filtering does?

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19 thoughts on “What happened to Cybil?”

  1. And I don’t even leave the house for the grocery store without some combing and makeup. Yeeesh. I’ve heard of being “casual,” but that’s just skeery.

  2. Oh my.
    While I didn’t realize Cybill had ever had skin cancer ~ I must say that her skin doesn’t look too bad…
    but that hair!
    Holy merde! 😯
    Maybe she was doing an act from some play she’s in over in the UK.

  3. I agree she looks pretty bad, but it’s not as though she’s given up on her looks.

    Her plane had only just arrived, and she was wearing a red cloak to cover her “jet hair”. The host asked her to take it down, so she did.

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  5. Lighting affects the look of the make up.

    The thing that frightens me is her hair.

    Did you say she was recently electricuted? No … no … you said skin cancer. Huh.

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  7. I also dont think ANY of you realise how old she is.. She was much older than Brice when they did Moonlighting. In fact…she had already been famous before in my mom’s day. She has basically had 2 careers. and over 20 years have gone by since her “second” career. Did any of you know she had already been famous before Moonlighting? Moonlighting was considered a great “comeback” for her…and they were worried when she got pregnant back then because she was so “old” LOL!! I think she looks GREAT!!!!! I dont know why she cjose that hair, tho…there must have been a reason.

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