What day is it?


Still battling with insomnia over here. I did get a couple of good nights of sleep in over the past week – – but it still goes back and forth. Trying what I can to get myself back to a normal schedule. Shock treatments, perhaps?

Still extremely busy here, as well. Light posting here on this blog, and all that. Just got a new order from a local company for 500 brochures, 300 biz cards, 500 letterhead w/ envelopes – oh, and they need them all for a Job Fair they are doing on 1/25. No problemo – we’ll find a way! You’ll see me around, I’m sure – – I’ll be the girl in the corner with printer toner smeared on her nose and forehead…slurping down a few martinis.

Good news! A year ago – I bought these great glasses (yea, I’m old – I need ’em). They were kinda expensive-ish. Liz Claibourne frames, special prescription lenses…yada yada. Cost me a solid $350. They were worth it in all their geeky glory. I lost ’em though, on the trip down to Alabama. I was so bummed. The beginning of this week – I found them! The wall behind our bed is a full bookshelf – – the entire wall. (We have lots of books) They were tucked between a few books on the bookshelf – behind the headboard of our bed (the head board on our bed is way taller than me .. don’t ask how they got back there, I’ve got no clue). I’m so happy to have my favorite specs back..I could just dance. Small things in life, ya know.

Over 3 years ago, I did a post about a parenting class they taught in my daughters health class. That thread has just gone nuts. Over 200 comments – and people leave comments there all the time, the latest one was left today. Isn’t it funny how you can do an obscure post on a blog – – and that post somehow crawls up to the top of Google’s rankings, so then you get a bunch of 12-15 year olds who think that it is “THE” spot on the net for resources and information on that particular product. HINT: It was a class my daughter took. I posted about it, and her experience with it. I don’t know where you can buy one. I don’t support the product from a technical end. I don’t know how to help you with your teenage pregnancy problems. I’m not the moral police on who, what, where, when and how you or your teenager deals with sexual issues in their life. I’ve considered closing the comments on that thread, just to stop the madness – – but at this point, it’s become more of a curiosity for me than anything else.

Last but not least in this post of random life updates – my diet / exercise program is going really well and I”m having steady progress so far. Today marks day one in week four of my efforts – and so far, I’m down 11lbs and 8 full inches. If that’s not information enough to keep a person motivated to stay on plan . . I don’t know what is.

That’s it from the girl-front – – hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Yay on the specs! I got new glasses FINALLY a few months ago and they are funky cool with a side of geek. Perfect for me, considering I am funky cool with a side of geek as well. I had to laugh about that thread. Every so often I see a recent comment on your sidebar for that post and I go back and read some of what people have written. Some of it scares me. Thirteen and fourteen year olds who thought it was “fun” and still want to have a baby RIGHT NOW. I wish I could invite them all to my house for a week. Best birth control around…life experience. Congratulations on the loss! That’s outstanding!! You should come and run the USMC 8k with me this fall!!

  2. Congrats on fatness vs. fitness! It’s always encouraging to make progress.

    I posted some time ago about a kid we saw at work who tore his member to shreds on his GF’s peircing. My blog traffic via searches hasn’t ever been higher. Funny how that happens. Dr. Drew has great input on all sorts for stuff, you could refer them there 🙂

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