Chris flew home last night! We’re going on three full months of being separated during the week. For the past three months, he works in either Atlanta or LA Monday through Friday – and comes home every weekend, only to fly back out Monday morning. It hasn’t been easy, to say the least – – but it’s a necessary evil. It’s a phase of their contract with their biggest client that is going to be coming to an end soon, as they enter the next phase of the 5-year contract. Once this phase is over, he’ll be home more — which is cool, because I really need someone to deal with the mice in the garage in the possums in the garbage cans!!! Plus all the other perks that come a long with his being home . . . 😉

I have to say, that since I’ve entered the world of the self employed – – Fridays don’t hold the same luster that they used to. They do now because that’s the day I look forward to Chris coming home – – but there isn’t any of that relief that the weekend brings as a break from work. For me, the work moves right along. As for today – Chris is working on upgrading our servers and I’m about to bury myself in SQL Server training.

Seriously, I do know to have fun!

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