Weekend is here!


It’s the weekend.

The kids are gone to their Dad’s for the WHOLE weekend!!

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside today.

We’re headed to the lake to take that boat out, finally. We haven’t had a chance to take it out yet because the weather here has been pretty crappy. It’s made a nice driveway decoration, though!

So – I’m off for the day. I’m not going to think about teenaged drama. I’m not going to think about work. I’m not going to think about laundry that needs doing or grass that needs cutting.

I’m going boating and to soak up some sun.

Try and stop me. I dare ya!


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6 thoughts on “Weekend is here!”

  1. Have a great time! The weather here has been crappy here too so enjoy it while you can. We used to have a small boat but sold it. Now we own a boat and snowmobile business and we still don’t have a boat, ironic!

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