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Again with the on call! I haven’t done this much on call in awhile — and I’m trying to figure out how I got roped into doing it so much this month. I think I wasn’t paying attention to the schedule and what people around me were doing, because so far, I’ve been on call 4 times this week The saving grace to that is — I’m not on call again for 3 weeks and all of this oncall pay goes onto one paycheck. So I may be bitching now – – but on Thursday, I’ll laugh my way to the bank. Right? Sure.

We spent the day skiing yesterday and it was awesome as usual. Next weekend, when the kids are gone with their father – Chris and I are heading to Cascade Mountain either for just the day on Saturday – or stay overnight and ski Sat. and Sun. Shh – don’t tell him, but I’m working on plans for a weekend package deal with the mountain lodging service and getting my folks to watch the kids Friday night so that we can go Fri – Sun on a package deal that includes lodging in a cabin with fireplace and jacuzzi and romantic dinners n’ stuff. Who says I don’t go in for all that mushy love stuff?

And now for some blurfing I did this morning while fielding calls from the answering service:

G-Fry has a brand new look – courtesy of yours truly. He’s converting from Blogger to MT – go wish him luck!

It seems switching hosts is in the air these days, according to Megan & Kate and they seem to be up and running just fine.

Suzi addresses the carb craze.

Could someone please go check and see if Chelle is still grumpy? I’m afwaid.

Vinny is tracking the flipflop marathon going on lately. Hey, it’s an election year – – what’d ya ‘spect?

James thinks awards suck – so I sent him one just to be contrary.

And finally – – contrary to recent internet rumor, Geoffrey hasn’t hung it up and left us — he’s now hanging out with Two Hawks and A Hippie. If you have any influence with Geoffrey at all, please tell him I want my eye candy back, dammit.

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