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I’m really excited to have been asked to speak at a local web development/design group in Milwaukee this June. The group is called Web414 – Milwaukee’s Web Development Community, and from what I understand – it’s a group of Drupal fans, mostly – – though Mike tells me that they all appreciate WordPress. (Or maybe he just said that to make me feel more at ease??). The group is made up of mostly developers, with a smattering of designers here and there in the crowd and when I talked to Mike about what topic would be best for this crowd – he said something considered to be advanced WordPress topics, since they are mostly devs.

Here’s some info on the June Meet Up, including a bit about my own presentation:

June 2008 Web414 Meeting — Thursday, June 12th, 2008 — 7pm

Topics: WordPress, Web Design Critique
Lisa Sabin-Wilson will present “Dissecting Magazine Themes”, an implementation of WordPress which uses queries and custom fields to create magazine and newspaper-like themes. Learn how to generate leading articles, featured stories and small article lead-ins, display category icons, article images and videos using WordPress with absolutely no plug-ins or scripts. Sample Magazine Themes will be provided for discussion and Q&A.

Mike Rohde and Jason McDowell will lead a brief group discussion, critiquing a website design to determine what works and what doesn’t from design and usability perspectives.

There will be a follow-up summary of MilwaukeeDevHouse2 and discussion and planning for BarCampMilwaukee3 planned for Fall 2008.

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Dinner? Not sure yet… We typically order food at 7PM and eat/mingle around 8PM. Please bring cash if you want to dine with us.

Also listed on Upcoming and Facebook.

Sound like fun? In the area? Sign-up at the Web414 website so they know you’re planning on coming. I’m dragging Chris, my husband, down with me for a little moral support (you know, I get a little nail-bitey when faced with public speaking of any sort!)

Back in March, I attended, and spoke at, the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas. It was a little funny – – throughout the entire weekend I kept my eye open for fellow Wisconsinites Ashe Dryden, Mike Rhode, David Overbeck and Brian Artka. As luck would have it – I didn’t run into any of them until my very last day. Brian made it to my presentation for WordPress For Dummies and walked up after I was done speaking to introduce himself. The others, I ran into on the plane ride home. Now I’ll have the chance to meet up with them, locally, and spend a bit more time getting to know them!

6 thoughts on “Web414 – Milwaukee's Web Community”

  1. Thanks, Ashe! I’m looking forward to it… it’ll be nice to catch up with you guys, more than trying to peek at you from between the airline seats. haha

  2. Can’t wait to meet you Lisa! I haven’t been to a meeting in a while, but knowing the Queen of WordPress is going to be in Milwaukee, along with a great presentation from Mike Rhode, makes me clear my schedule in excitement. I love learning from experts!

  3. Phil, thanks for stopping by… and what are you doing on Typepad?? pfft! 😉 I kid!

    I, too, am looking forward to Mike and Jason’s presentation – lots of talent right there!

    See you in June!

  4. There are some Drupal-lovers in Web414 (we did put on DrupalCampWisconsin) but yeah, we love WordPress too (I think I currently run about a half-dozen WP sites.)

    And while everyone thinks we are a bunch of devs, we do have some good diversity in the group, including designers, photographers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and yeah, a few code-hackers. 🙂

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