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The second entry in, what I hope to be, a regular weekly addition. That all depends on how good I can be at remembering to do this weekly – – – most often, I’m good . . . but there are days, you know.

Anyways – my Web Widget for this week is a find that I made on the net a year or so ago, and I absolutely love it. I use it a lot in my design business:

What The Font?

Basically, the idea here is that you have a graphic – – or you find a graphic on someone else’s website, and you’re dying to know the name of the font on the graphic! Go to that page and upload the image and within seconds, you’ll have a listing of similar font names to choose from.

Every once in a while, I’ll submit a graphic to them and it will come back with a bullseye, dead ringer of an answer! Most often, it comes back with a list of 5 – 10 possible fonts that it could be, and more often than not – the font I’m looking for is in that list.

I love this little widget, because I’m blonde and I design a LOT of graphics for websites….and then when it comes to making updates, I’ll forget the damn font that I used in the first place. Before this site – I would dig through my thousands of font files to find the right one (and I usually do after a few hours of pulling my hair out) – and now with this site, I have become a woman who almost always gets her font!


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