Wasn't it just yesterday . .


That you begged me to sing “Dog and Butterfly” to you before you fell asleep?

That you insisted “Thomas the Tank Engine” be read to you by the sock puppet?

That you made a mess in the den making skyscrapers out of Leggos?

That you were delighted with Mac’N’Cheese with hot dogs cut up in it?

That you carried that stuffed cat around until it fell apart?

That you wanted to build big houses when you grew up?

Today . . .

You’ve developed a pickyness about your food preferences.

You’re old enough now to get that job you want.

Because you want to save for that car you’ll drive.

You still have that stuffed cat.

On a shelf, in your closet… but can’t bear to part with it.

You want to go to college to be a history professor.

You are 15.

Where did all those years go? Wherever they went – I would not trade them for anything in this world. You have grown into such a beautiful young man . . . with a promising young mind. I love you. Happy Birthday to kid #1 – – don’t forget to take out the garbage tonight!

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2 thoughts on “Wasn't it just yesterday . .”

  1. Great scott what kind of kid want a dumb flower child song like DOG AND BUTTERFLY sung to them? cant they be happy with something like THIS OLD MAN or THERE WAS A CROCKED MAN i guess the poor kid is being brainwashed by liberals she needs to get outside and have fun with good parents:smile:

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