Walkin' Girl


A few days ago – I decided that it would be much better to take my hour long walks outside than my usual walks on the treadmill. Afterall – it’s April and it’s spring time! Of course, this is Wisconsin – so it’s freezing damn cold outside – but no matter! I bundled up and headed out. Me and my daughter.

She is 13. Weighs all of about 115lbs and considers herself fat. Those were the days, weren’t they?

She decided she wanted to go walking with me – and we did a nice, healthy, brisk and COLD 2 miles tonight.

The sky was crystal clear. The stars were out in full force. We live outside the city – so we walked in darkness.

I have to say – it’s amazing what talks with a 13 year old girl are when you’re alone with her in beautiful dark silence.

We talked about boys.
We talked about diets.
We talked about hair.
We talked about what a special guy Grandpa is.
She wanted to know if Chris and I were ever going to get married.
She thinks he’d make a really awesome step-dad.
We talked about her discomfort with accepting compliments.

This is definately something that we’ll do again and again.

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  1. Me and Ailey have started walking in the evening and I really look forward to that time together. She really opens up to me and today she told me about her new boyfriend..it’s just great and about them thinking their fat…haha…I wouldn’t be walking everynight if I WASN’T..those silly girls..

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