First, Packer Season! Then, skiing season!

People as why I live here and don’t move to a warmer climate? This is my favorite time of year – – leaf changing colors of fall, followed by crispy cool days of winter. Can’t beat it 🙂

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13 thoughts on “W00T!”

  1. Palm trees don’t change colors…but the lizards do! 😀

    Sometimes I miss the Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall thing. Fall was always my favorite. I have lived in Texas and Florida going on 15 years now. Texas has two seasons: hot and cold. Florida has three…hot, hotter and Africa hot.

    I like it but do envy your enthusiasm just a bit.

  2. Hopefully our Packers will play up to their potential, rather than that debacle on MNF two weeks ago. There’s a reason the Browns dumped Couch.:???:

    Great to see another Packer fan for Dubya. I’m adding you to my list of Rightous Babes on my blog!

  3. You can send me an e-sympathy card if necessary – but I anticpate victory – bloodsoaked though it may be – on the half-frozen tundra in October. Then again, Steve McNair may be in jail for another DUI by then and our 2nd string QB won’t be able to take the pressure of playing on that hallowed turf. The season is always fraught with such peril, which is what makes it so damn exciting this time of year!

  4. Alan – yea, I don’t get too excited over preseason games. I have a feeling this is the Packs year!! 🙂

    Of course…. I have that feeling every year 😉

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