Update on Dad II


They are keeping him in the hospital for another day or two, yet. He had a few episodes of Trigeminy, mixed in with some episodes of VTach. They gave him meds to deal with both issues, which helped – – but it bottomed-out his blood pressure as a result.

They came very close to tranferring him back to the ICU yesterday because of the blood pressure issue – but things seemed to have settled down now.

It’s funny how we are brought back to our humble beginnings – – all pretentions are lost when something like this happens. How do I know this? I called and talked to Dad today. “How are you feeling, Dad?”

He says, “Great. I pooped and walked today.”


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6 thoughts on “Update on Dad II”

  1. Lisa, I have been going through similar with my Mom since 00′. She had stroke in dec 00, than heart in July 01′ and finally bypass in the left leg in 04′. Let them keep him those extra few days. I have been thinking of you all week! I hate having others go through this. It was the after care that we had problems with. My Mom and your Dad sound like they are cut of the same cloth. “Don’t worry about me.” “I’m fine” or “It really wasn’t as bad as they said”. Yikes! With the help of my Dad, I have kept a journal on Mom and the doctors have found it to be helpful. I fax notes to the office prior to appointments. That way, we know the doctor is aware of what we are seeing and doesn’t have to rely on a patient saying “everything is fine”.
    Good luck to you and your family. I bet he can’t wait to get out on the lake with you.

  2. Good to hear that they’re keeping a close eye on him. A few extra days can be a great thing, since after that there’s no need to rush him anywhere. Still plenty of thoughts and prayers heading your family’s way… 🙂

  3. I’m so glad to hear he is doing well, Lisa – – of course I’m still sending good vibes and thoughts your way and hope he is home very soon 🙂

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