Up all night


What to do?
What to do?

I spent the day at my folks – – where mom served up an incredible holiday meal, that I couldn’t stop eating. I came home and promptly flopped on the bed and crashed, and didn’t wake up until almost near midnight.

Now I’m gonna be up all night!

While I slept – Melissa played with her new computer, Ben played with his new guitar and XBox. I should have been surfing around in internet heaven using my new 19″ Flat Screen, 85Hz LCD monitor (Thank you Chris! xoxoxox) – but instead I was out like a light…sawing logs.

Chris really liked the chain I gave him – which is good. Ya know, giving jewlery to guys is sometimes a tricky thing. But this chain is very manly, you know…

The day spent at mom’s was nice. My brother and I are finally getting along like the good ol’ days – – we’ve been able to put the past behind us and move on. That makes me feel really good, because the last 3-4 years were sorta rocky there for awhile – and he and I used to be so close before all that.

My sister…well, that’s a whole other story. We did our usual best to ignore each others presence in the house. Her husband did his usual best to blend into the wallpaper….not talking to anyone. I hope they had a good Christmas, too.

For me, it’s back to work tomorrow – – plus the extra added insult of having to be on-call tomorrow night. Some day I’ll win the lottery, I think.

Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas day!

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