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We’re settling into the new house. C. says he has completely settled in and it is feeling like home to him now. As for me, I’m having a bit more difficulty.

Maybe it’s because, for him, this is his 3rd move in two years. For me, I lived in the same place for almost a decade – – and this is a huge transition for me. I’m such a little creature of habit – – so I think it’s going to take a bit of time for me to settle into the new digs.

Plus, this house is so huge – it’s hard to get that ‘cozy’ feeling that I had in my small townhouse. I’m working on it and it’ll get there soon enough. That’s not to say I don’t love the place – because I absolutely do. It’s just different and it’ll take some getting used to. Plus, I think if I can get some of these boxes unpacked and start making the house look like a home – – rather than a warehouse….the atmosphere around here will become more cozy. It’ll get there – I just wish there weren’t so much unpacking left to do!

I already have about 5 new birdfeeders up in the back yard to invite the little feathered friends into the yard. I’ve already spotted some starlings, cardinals and some bright yellow finches visiting. The young family of starlings have made their nest right outside our bedroom door. I’ve hung a hummingbird feeder – – but haven’t seen any traffic there yet. So, I went to the flower shop and bought some seeds that grow certain flowers that attract hummingbirds – – we’ll see how far I get with those. I’ll plant them tomorrow.

I’m on-call tomorrow (bah!). And am taking C. to the airport in the morning – – he’s off on a business trip to California for a week – – leaving me here amidst boxes and boxes of stuff to unpack and settle in. Maybe I can get a lot of it accomplished before he returns home on Friday?

Probably not. But it’s a good thought 🙂

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