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Gosh, is it possible to blog about anything, other than the elections? It’s pretty heated out there, guys – proceed at your own risk! 😉

Elections have set me back with work over the past few days – – luckily, I had worked my butt off over the weekend to get some stuff done, which gave me a bit of padding this week to take some time off to veg out in front of the TV. Good that I did that – – haven’t gotten much sleep either.

I’ve been remiss in giving Margi a big ol’ welcome over to the Blogs About Buddies community – – she actually joined us about a week ago, but it’s taken this long for her domain to transfer over. She’s a riot and a real sweetheart, go on over and give her some love.

In early December, Chris and I are taking a trip to Atlanta for work and pleasure. The company Xmas party will be down there this year and I’ll be making my debut with their biggest client as one of the company’s database report builder. Sexy title, ain’t it? Just another one of those hats I wear when I’m not in the shower.

We decided to drive down to Atlanta, rather than fly. We spied a great bedroom set down there that we want – but don’t want to have it shipped. So we’re driving the truck down to pick it up. We’ll be driving through Illiniois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and then finally Georgia – – it’s not a bad drive, really – and it’ll be nice and relaxing ( I hope!). If all else fails during the drive – – I can sit in the back and watch a DVD to pass the time.

Someone remind me to purchase a lottery ticket in Georgia, ok? Last time I drove down to Florida – I bought two lottery tickets in Georgia and they were both $500 winners. Made for a nice vacation that time 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the linkylove and the kind words. I’m just glad you’re not booting me off your servers for being such a pain!


    You must take pictures of your new furniture. I’ve been trying to talk you-know-who into a new BED (at least) but you know, he’s such a Scotsman. 🙄 If it’s not deeply discounted, he ain’t parting with the green. Heh.

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