Chelle turned me onto a great music plugin for WordPress. I used to use blogamp, a lifetime ago – but took it off shortly after because it was wonky and I didn’t like the way it displayed. This plugin uses Audioscrobble and you can use it with most any music player : WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar, etc. It displays the last 10 tunes you’ve played (by default). You can view mine on the far left column underneath “She be Jammin'”.

You go to Audioscrobbler and create an account – then grab the plugin for the player you like to use. Then go over here to visit Chris Coggburn, who wrote the plugin for WordPress and download the file. Follow the instructions to install and that’s it!

If you do happen to create an account over at Audioscrobbler – – my username is lisas – add me to your friends list! Have fun!

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