Tuesday Blurfings


Doing some guest postings over at Goldie’s while she takes some much needed vacation time — her and her ultra-chic jeans jacket! Have fun, Goldie – we’ll keep the homefires burnin’ for ya!

Vinny’s got a new look. Who knew he was such an artsy-fartsy type of guy?? 😉

I agree, Chelle – sometimes you just gotta touch the monkey

My all-time favorite radio talk show host went and got himself his own national show!. Go take a lookie – cuz he’s darling cute, too 😉

Time to clue Sandy in on the fact with a few tea bags – – a jug-o-water, some bright sunlight and some sugar – she can make her own Sweet Iced Tea with chipped ice!

Everyone is changing, it seems. Maybe it’s a spring thing? De’s got some new digs, too! Time to update those rolls again.

James is trying to be a good blogger. No worries, James – you’re good!

Maybe more later . . .

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Blurfings”

  1. Wow – I misread that to say ‘1-900’ number and I got kinda worried 😉

    You never know, Cam – I may just ring you up one day over at NRA 😉

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