Travel Update 2


**posted by Shae while I’m on vacation**

Surfing through the clouds wasn’t nearly as easy as one would think it should be.

The weather in Wisconsin hasn’t been the best, but then it is winter and Wisconsin.

Yesterday Lisa mentioned they had five inches of new snow on the ground, little did we know it would alter her travel plans.

She called me at 9:30 last night (her time) and was still on the ground in Chicago. I asked her why she was still in Chicago. She explained because of the snow she couldn’t fly out of Milwaukee as planned, but instead had to take a bus from the Milwaukee Airport to Chicago, a two hour joy ride (not!).

Once she arrived in Chicago her flight was delayed.

We were on the phone for a moment when they called her flight to board.

I know she was relieved.

Then around 4:30 AM (her time) she called for a second to let me know she made it safely to C..

I know it wasn’t a great trip for her, but also know she’d do it again and again to end up in his arms.

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