5 new design orders yesterday – whew! Some of the ideas these folks are coming up with for skin designs on their sites are simply fabulous – – I couldn’t think this stuff up! 🙂

I have a pretty vast collection of digital imagery that I’ve purchased over the years. Actually, I have a image library of about 300 CDs of photo discs that I’ve purchased from various different places. After 10, or so, years of doing this – my collection has grown to ridiculous proportions. I’m a digital art addict and have spent enough money on it over the years to feed a small army. However, once in awhile, I have a client whose needs I can’t seem to locate in my own collection – – so I’m off on a search for the perfect image.

This week I was on an image search that put me in contact with an artist whose work I really enjoy. He is extremely talented and his work is fun and bouncy and even very sexy! I contacted him yesterday about the licensing restrictions on the use of his artwork in one of my client designs – and he very graciously granted the permission for me to use it at no cost. As a result, I ended up purchasing one of his signed prints for a gift for someone special.

So . . now it’s time to pimp his work to you guys. His work is fantastic, I can’t say it enough. Please go over and visit Rion at Pin Up Toons and tell him Lisa, from E.Webscapes sent you!

Thanks, Rion – you’re a gem!

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