Too much to do!


drive myself nuts during times like these. When it feels like there is too much to do and not enough time left to do it.

1. Finish up my paperwork from the week to hand in by noon.
2. See my 4 patient’s up north.
3. See my other patient afterwards here in town – my cranky old guy.
4. Grocery shop a bit for the house sitter.
5. Get two sets of keys made for the house – one for Gary, one for Dad.
6. Finish tidying up the house.
7. Pack the remaining stuff for the trip.
8. Pack the kids clothes for their week at the grandparents.
9. Get their YMCA cards and gym clothes together so they can spend some time there next week (giving Gparents a break)

Ok – now that I’ve written it down, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Numbers 1 – 3 will be done by 1pm this afternoon, providing nothing goes wrong. After that I’ll get numbers 4 & 5 done and that will only take about an hour. Numbers 6-9 are things I’ll work on the rest of tonight after I get home and have some coffee. I’ve arranged my week so that I essentially have tomorrow off, unofficially. My boss told me to go ahead and take the day if I need it – – but to be available by pager if they need me – and I’ll still get paid the day. So all this week I’ve been running around making sure all my patients are seen and thier needs are all taken care of – not leaving any loose ends hanging about. It’s been some hard work, but I think I pretty well managed to get that accomplished. I just have a few patients that need equipment ordered for delivery today – and I’ll get that done on my cell phone on my drive up north to my 4 patients up there.

I still have to get my nails done and find that pair of Calvin’s that I need to replace from ealrier this week. I’m hoping that with having the day unofficially off tomorrow – I’ll be able to get that done in the morning. There is just lots to do and I think I’ll be feeling much better at the end of today with most everything crossed off that list. Both C. and I are rather stressed this week. Him on his business trip on the east coast and still on west coast time – he is teaching classes all day everyday this week from 8am – 5pm and not getting much sleep in between because he’s spending all his nights awake, working on the next days schedule and outline for class. So he’s working really hard this week, as well – – both of us focused on one goal – – Friday night in LA!

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