Today is the day!


We’re going to pick up the boat today! We decided to go with the 1800SR3 instead of the 1800MX because of testosterone.

Yes, that’s right. The whole Y chromosome thing demanded the upgrade. Chris just couldn’t control himself.

Boys and their toys.

Of course, I’ll sit here and act all indignant about him spending the extra cash for it – – and on the inside I’m thrilled with it and will enjoy the benefit of it as much as he does. But it’s a woman’s job to bitch about it, isn’t it? Would I be lacking in my responsiblity if I don’t at least pretend like it’s a problem?

I talked to Dad today. He’s still in the hospital, probably will be until after the weekend. He says, “Break that boat in for me so that it’s all nice and comfortable for me when I come over and hitch it up to my truck and drive off with it for a month, ok?”

I told him if he wasn’t careful – that’s how we’d bring him home from the hospital. We’ll tie him down to the back and drive him home via Lake Michigan!


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