I skipped the Marmite this morning. Yea, it was hard – but I did it.

Instead I opted for low fat cottage cheese with salt and pepper, loaded on toast with butter. That beats Marmite any day!

I’ve been into cracking whole walnuts and snacking on them this week. Odd. I haven’t gotten it down quite right yet – – I’m still using an old fashioned nut cracker to get the shells open. Still working on being able to crack ’em with my thighs!

Hey – I heard it could happen!

Busy week this week – – I woke up this morning, cracked open my email (with my thighs?) and have 6 new orders for designs! Thanks guys – – this oughta be fun!

Now to go over and bother Margi to see if she has specific images in mind . . . . . Ohhhhh Marrrrggiiiiii…….

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12 thoughts on “Toast!”

  1. That’s my new catch phrase.

    When anyone says they did something, I’m going to — from now on — enquire: “With your thighs?” LMAO!

    I returned your request e-mail, sweetie. You may now commence to beating me about the head and shoulders.

    ::: flee :::

  2. ::: flog flog flog :::

    Margi apparently thinks I’m Houdini!

    I got your email – – and I emailed you back . . . errr. . . with my thighs. 😉

  3. Oh, and please allow me to announce to the readers of your blog that you ARE Houdini, and you DO make magic with stupid ideas from problem children customers!!

    With your thighs.

  4. Not true – I”ve never been submerged in locked straight jacket, packed in a trunk that is chained shut and thrown into the deep blue sea.

    It’s true. I haven’t.

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  6. Hey, I’ve done salt on cottage cheese, never pepper. Hmm.

    I’ve been on a raw almond obsession since July … what is it they say … longer than 21 days is a fixture in your life.

    (Currently working on a way to merge “with your thighs” and “raping your ear” … they might be too far apart …)

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