To Catch A Mouse


Did you know cheese isn’t really the greatest thing to put in a mouse trap? It’s too easy for the little creatures to nibble off and run.

Bacon is the answer – – raw bacon. Especially the white fatty part. It’s chewy and they have to gnaw on it in order to release it from its bounds of the mouse trap. In the meantime, while they are gnawing…..


Latest count: Four mice down. An unknown quantity to go. Our attached garage seems to be infested – – that is, if 4 mice equates to an infestation.

I won’t go in there anymore. What can I say? I’m just a girl.


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  1. Good words – – I may have to sic my cats on them . . my cats are only indoor cats, but technically – the attached garage is still indoors, right?


  2. That reminds me of when I lived in NY and I was about 7 so my dad poisoned our RATS and it ended up doing nothing but making them blind. So somehow he caught a bunch and put them in a bucket of water to drown them and took us kids out so we couldnt/wouldnt watch..

    We came back a few hours later and these rats were on their tippytoes with their noses peeking out of the water STILL alive. That was traumatic. I should call dad now.

  3. wow rachel – – that story is pretty disturbing . . the thought of rats standing on tippytoes in order to breathe . . . that’s almost like a Stephen King plot! lol

    I almost feel sorry for the rats . . almost.

  4. yes I think the attached garage coumnts as inside Lisa. I think our cat would love the sport of catching a few mice, so maybe you should let them run free. as long as you haven’t put out any poison of course 😉

  5. Okay — we couldn’t be polar opposites anymore if we tried — on everything. I find it so amazing!

    I have to ask you what is the purpose of a mouse trap? To kill mice? Well actually no. I don’t think your goal is to “kill” mice — it is to eliminate them.

    I have a trick for you. Go get a live trap. Trap the guys (they love popcorn kernels uncooked) or sunflower seeds.

    Once you have the mouse, take it right outside the garage (door closed). Then release it and watch it.

    WATCH WHERE IT RUNS…follow it for a minute or two…and 8/10 times, the mouse will run right back into the house (or in your case garage) — and it will show you the hole!! Then you can PLUG UP THE HOLE. That is the goal, isn’t it? If you have more than one hole, you’ll have to do it several times — also if you have more than one mouse — you’ll have to do it several times.

    Mouse traps are dumb, if you ask me. They kill mice — they don’t stop them from coming back in.

    When one comes – many will come. Killing them won’t stop them — but plugging the holes will…


  6. I know exactly how they got in, Fredette. My son has a bad habit of leaving the side door to the garage open. I’ve dealt with my son – – now I have to deal with the existing mice.

    Unfortunately, my son wouldn’t go for the bacon! 😉 lol

  7. Couldn’t you at least live-trap them then so they don’t have to die for your son’s mistake? It would teach your son to appreciate nature a little more.

    Why teach him to kill? Teach respect of all living creatures : )

  8. Clearly, Fredette – it appears there is more than one way to catch a mouse, isn’t there?

    Killing the mouse doesn’t tug on my heart strings, as it seems to yours. The way I figure it – – it’s one less mouse to get back in and chew things up.

  9. I see that as cold-hearted but I suppose you don’t mind sending your children off to war — to die — for your country right. They are going to enlist when they are old enough — aren’t they??

  10. So report me to PETA, Fredette.

    What my kids do when they are of age is their decision – my son does talk about the Air Force, though – he’d like to be a pilot. He also talks about college to become a history professor – – I’d be proud of him, either way.

    My daughter talks about being a nurse, like her mom – – I’m trying to talk her into med. school though . . they make more money and don’t work as hard lol

    Hey, thanks for asking about my kids, Fredette – – do you have any? What are they going to be when they grow up? 😉

  11. Ths sad state of affairs of the world is related to how we treat all forms of life. If we have no mercy for an animal less than 100th our size who is only trying to live and does not know we do not like having them in our homes, how can we expect there to be peace in the world? The human species in general is one of the most vicious ever to have existed on this planet and cannot in clean conscience call itself civilized. For those that dont KILL to get rid of a mouse for example, good job, you are the first sign of humans evolution to becomming civil. But obviously we have a long way to go.

  12. Yes, yes – – my name is Lisa and I’m a mouse killer. I’ve killed about 5 mice this year, alone.

    Someone lock me up! Get me away from the general population!

  13. Errr… Mice, last check were onmniferous, and have no problems “killing” when ever they get the chance, This guy is just an overly sentimental fool, Kill ’em all Lisa.

  14. I’m going through this same kind of thing now, only I started off with the live traps. Nothing caught in a week. Switched to death traps, one down in one night. I hate to kill them, but they have to go.

  15. I can’t believe you guys. Is there anyone here who doesn’t want to kill the mice. There is a mouse loose in my office and I don’t know what to do and I DO NOT want to kill it. Can someone please help?

  16. I go for peanut butter on the trap, and set it on the ledge above m comp at home so when it snaps I can easily see it when I come downstairs in the morning.

    I tried letting them live and making little art thingies to see out of all the turds they left around and pieces of things they chewed up, but I guess nobody wants mouse art. 😉

  17. ha! Astro – I have missed your wit 🙂

    Mouse art ::: shaking head :::

    Do you see how much crap I get in here for killing mice? I think PETA has invaded my blog!

  18. Geeze, I forgot, it’s almost Christmastime! YOu can dress them up like Santa and his reindeer and have them pull a little sleigh around the house. Sometimes the superglue doesn’t work the best to hold on the antlers, so you might have to use staples… 😈

  19. If I lived in Texas, rather than a housing development in California, I would target practice with my shotgun on mice. !!! 🙂

    Oh, wait, I don’t have to do that … I have two cats that will play with them to death. PETA indeed. Hmph.

  20. I have a mouse in my house now. I set a trap out last night with peanut butter but he has took the bait yet. Will get more traps and try the raw bacon. Thanks.

  21. tehe I’ve never been to this site but i looked up on google how to catch a mouse without killing it and this came up… well… I agree with you:razz:killing mice is mean.. paintence is a vertue. I mean when you think about it you are putting food out for a little creature to be like yay I get to eat I havnt done that in a while!! and then it goes and eats and then gets killed.. I hope next time you guys go for food someone shoots you in the face 👿 fuckers!!!!!

  22. Well, I just caught a mouse today. I used a glue trap, which I found at a drugstore. The trap comes with bait; when the mouse tries to get it, he gets stuck. The trap had been out only for a few hours–I guess the trick is to know where to place it. There is the option for a humane release once the mouse is caught–just add a little veggie oil to the glue and release the little sucker with a pencil. I was outside at 5:00 this morning, releasing the little creature Eek–I hope he doesn’t come back–my husband says he will because I didn’t let him go far enough from our house. Uh oh….

  23. I have to say that I have bookmarked this page. I googled to find out how to just get rid of pest. I have been well entertained. And… it seems that all folks are represented here. I am far more likely to see these furry, scurrying little pest that think nothing of eating my baseboards to a peaceful but humane death. Sorry, but Fivel must go. At the hardware store I asked for boxes that they go into and do not come out. I am willing to give them nitrous oxide (lauging gas) as they meet there maker but truth is they must go. They have friends. And they are free loaders Good to know about the raw bacon. anything that entices them to entreaty is fine by me. But in the meantime I have had a wonderful time reading the blog. 😉

  24. I was laughing so hard as I read this blog…I too, like many of you have determined that there are “mice” living among my family…I don’t know about you…but if it is not willing to pay rent…then it is going to be evicted….it knows how it came in…and can go out the same way on its’ own accord….or we will take it to court for eviction….my way…on a wooden board. The people who are trying to fight for this freeloaders protection are forgetting a very important thing….HEALTH????? There is something really nasty about these things crapping all over my house….if we “humans” did this …. we would be in big trouble…why should the mouse be any different?

    ~~Just my 2 cents….

  25. yeah well killing those poor little things which have no options is just too cruel.Hope ya’ll burn to crisps in hell for destroying them, you know thois world is big enough for all of us!!:evil:

  26. To those who don’t want to kill mice:
    1) Where does your dinner come from?
    2) What does every animal live off of? Other living creatures!

    It’s survival of the fittest, and either I feed the mouse or it feeds off me. The way I look at it I’m protecting another living creature from being eaten by the mouse. I suppose the ones who hate killing mice are also ones that hate war at any cost. You would have let Hitler take over the world.

    Just so you know, when I find my mouse I’m going to put him in a bucket and either drown him or let him starve. Haven’t decided which to do yet.

  27. Okay, so I have real problem. My mice are smart. I want to kill them — in fact, I would love to get a blow torch and scorch them out of my home — but I can’t seem to catch them. I have glue mousetraps everywhere AND I’VE SEEN THEM RUN AROUND THE TRAPS. And I also have baited spring-loaded traps, AND THEY KEEP EATING THE BAIT WITHOUT SPRINGING THE TRAP. They even did this with Peanutbutter. I better try bacon.

    Worse, I can’t find the holes. I love in a NYC tenement apartment, and there are holes everywhere I think. Especially where the pipes come in for the stove.


  28. We eliminated all crumbs and thinly wrapped foods thinking that would drive them away or into the traps. The mice just started bringing their own food from outside! What they brought was acorns. Acorns under pillows, in drawers, behind pictures in the pantry! We blamed each other thinking someone in the house was playing tricks. Finally we decided it was the mice. And they avoided the traps, well we caught one now and then, probably the visitors.Eventually we got them all. We have mice come back every few years. This year we have more than ever and we’re going through the stages again. Good to get a laugh from this blog!

  29. Ive got a beauty of a rat in my tour coach! It must of got in from the air ventilation. It has ate half my bus and took a huge blanket I had and tried to stuff it in a hole under the brake pedal! I mean a big heavy blanket. So I set my steal super trap last night with sultanas as bait (they love them) and it went of in the night, but not only it didnt catch it but the rat broke it! and left it in pieces, and draged them to its hole but they didnt fit in! This rat must be the size of a cat. Tonight Im going for the bucket with the water trick. I hope it doesnt know how to swim. I feel its passing my traps for a theme park or something. Ive got a trip next week. Please someone give me a hint how to get the thing.

  30. Hi Fellow mousers.

    Read various sites about this. Catching and releasing may apease your consience however if you release em in an alien environment they very often die anyway so a quick broken neck is the answer.
    Most effective way, use a hot glue gun or similar to secure a small piece of hard sweet or cereal onto a snap trap, I have had 100% success rate with this cos the moose has its neck right in the trap so it gets an effective death. It can not just tug the bate off or lick it off.
    Good luck Tony Newcastle England

  31. so igot this mouse in my room! let me start off by saying mice are the worst thing in the world they are my biggest fear in the world and they all need to die!! they are just so gross!! so i woke up in the middle of the night it was in a bag of chi[s. so i set a trap the next night and the mouse ate 3 peices of cheese of the trap, then i got new traps put peanut butter on it and he stil ate it off, (now im pissed off) so now i got a sticky trap and a trap right by eachother. i seen the mouse run right over the sticky trap and keep goin. so then i put it in another spot. i was watchin the mouse then boom stuck on the trap i sat there and watched him and he was stuck. but alive so then the mouse is trying to get off, he got his front to legs off then i was lookin for a bat so i could kill it but i didnt have one so i got a baseball when i approached it i started to freak out then i put the baseball on it and it started to make that noise (i cant stand that noise anything to do with them i cant stand)so i let off of the baseball then he was free. the mouse is freaked out now. i havent seen him running around any more. does anyone know if those traps are posiouns? but when i catch this mouse its gettin cover in gasoline and set on fire and im gonna watch him burn alive and laugh thats how much i hate mice!!!

  32. I’ve heard there is a thing called mouse paper, which the mouse gets stuck to. Doesn’t kill it and can be carefully removed afterwards. Can’t find it on the internet anywhere. Anyone heard of it. I’ve a place in France which is in the countryside and can confirm that once you block up all the holes, guess what. Yep no mice. Harder in my place in England with airbricks, voids under the floor and a 1930’s house that was designed especially for mice.

    Interesting debate on death or no death. I’d like to have kept them alive initially, but after a while I’ve become murderous and like some SAS hit man. I’ve killed the last two myself. Suffocated one (by accident I’d caught it in a blanket), squashed the next one behind a book case.

    So much for my noble early ethics.


  33. Mouse in the House. The mouse was discovered jst the other nite licking the stove in the house – to say the least i was not amused. Firstly at seeing it and then the fact that it prminently charged towards me to find cover, at which point i ran out the room shouting (or as my housemates describe it shrieking like a girl). So the landlord got some traps and set them but the little fucker jst nibbles at the bait and leaves, content that his friends have provided him with another hearty meal out of their good nature. This is jst his dillusion I WANT HIM DEAD. Problem is i could swear hes fearless, probably the panzer of all mice so he has been christened Mamixus Supermaus after a german cartoon. SO How will i kill him? Bacon sounds good but im going to glue it to the trap so the little fucked has to struggle to get it and hopefully SNAP as his spinal cord is severed and a little shriek signals his demise.

    I appreciate he jst wants to survive but so do i and if the little fucker is here soon coakroaches, maggots, and rats will follow and to be honest thats intolerable.

    I will report back when i have the little gits head on a platter mayb even Post a picture, this has become my temporary mission in life! I may need a hoby after this 1 dies! 😛

  34. omg!guys please help me out! i found out we had a mouse in our kitchen it kept on hiding under the oven,under the fridge and the dishwasher! i dont know how to get rid of it!i tried everything!I MEAN EVERYTHING!!traps,glue,poissonning food EVERYTHING!!i think this one is sooo smart!seriously does the bacon thing work?or what else!!i had enough!!

    1. I have caught 15 mice and I can tell you that it has disrupted my life. There is 1 “holdout” and I belive I could smash him with my foot. He woke me up last nite his LOUD scretch which I hope means he couldn’t find any vitals. I have had to wash everything in my entire condo including linens, clothes in closet because the little critters walk & poop, walk & poop etc. They did this while I was away. Don’t EVER leave dry dog food on the floor-put it in a container that they can’t get into. I am disabled which makes it extremly hard to accomplish all these tasks. Also cover your furniture, because they like to take a stroll on the back of sofas. Its a living HELL.

  35. Discovered there’s only two ways to get rid of mice. One is to go round all perimeters and block up holes. two Is to keep your home spotless. We have made our oven so clean you can eat off it and used aluminium (or aluminum for the americans) foil in the base so there’s never any delicious leftovers for them. The mice are then forced to leave your house or come out of hiding.

    Probably not for you, but once they’re hungry they take risks and come out in search of food. that’s when you can thwack them. I’m afraid the glue paper and traps didn’t work for me either. That’s evolution – Darwin was right – although I understand this is a dangerous thing to say in some parts of the US and can lead to being shot! so I should probably say Darwin might have been right


  36. I too have been quite amused as I am reading this blog to the mouse that is running laps around my room. I have invited him to go live with Fredette, but it appears that he doesn’t like her either as he’s still in my room. I have come to the conclusion, that in order for the glue traps to work, I have to turn off my air conditioning and live in the hell like environment that he is calling his new home. I live in the south so the heat is unbearable –ya gotta have air! Anyway, back to the problem at hand.. due to the cool air – the “glue” isn’t very sticky. The room has to be warm for the glue to stay sticky enough to catch him long enough for me to “bag and tag” him in the trash. Does anyone know of some type of glue additive that won’t “cool” so he’ll stick? Duct Tape is my next option. Placed sticky side up, I’m thinking that nothing can escape it. I’ll keep you posted!

  37. 😮 I can’t believe someone is equating a human life with that of a mouse. PLEASE!!!
    I have absolutely no problem with killing a mouse that has invaded my home!! In fact I hope to do so tonite!! Thanks for all the good tips

  38. After a Supernatural marathon last night i heard a scratching noise from under my bed. 🙁 Looked to see what the time was – my clock had stopped :(( Streaked to turn on the light and made a tentative inspection under bed. Nothing. Crept to the other side of my room to my bookcase (I read when I can’t sleep) and saw a small mouse leap from athletically from my rubbish bin into a pile of uni study notes. You too can be pleased with your resident mouse when you realise it isn’t going to chop off your head.:)

  39. haha well my mouse came to a rather funny end when it crawled into the Dryer vent. Heard that little sucker trying to scratch its way out and then i decided i was going to do some laundry.. hehe hope everyone likes their mouse baked hehe…

  40. For those of you who wish to plug the holes, you can use steel wool which will stop the little pest from coming in. They hate steelwool. Try it…You’ll like it.

    Micky mouse, Stewart Littles, Speedy Gonzalez, you named them, they all are a pain in the A**. Cute, but a real pain.

    Good luck mouseketeers!!

  41. Well, Wow.. I googled how to kill mice and got this site like a pervious poster.. Wow…lol Today I went to my sweet dear grandmothers house. She said she had a small mouse problem, when i investigated I found..slightly more than just a small problem..there was over 100 mice scampering around, and she was wondering why they were starting to go into teh garage and her house… These ones were out in her yard under her garbage bin and compost pile.. So there I was with the shovel and some other spikey thing, Im a complete city boy with no killing experience.. I got me 33 and a half dead mice, in less then half an hour..I am going to try again tomorrow but there has to be a better way then 3 good thwacks with the shovel.. althou with the baby ones, if you just leave them in the middle of the alley/road, they stay there and attract cats pretty quick..I know peta will probably have something to say but I think I shall try fire tomorrow, seeing as how it is outside and that they are too fast for the pellet gun.. awesome site!

  42. i have to say entry number 32 by pfoutz is hilarious, and very true…..killing mice is protecting whoever mice kill, so it evens out, and isnt so bad….same thing he says about war, going to war to kill hitler protected the people he was going to kill…..same scenario as killing mice….were protecting our food, health, and other creatures that mice would kill….pfoutz, you are smart


  44. There’s a fairly smart little guy somewhere in the house. The usual assortment of traps are pathetically exhibited everywhere- the kitchen, the living room, window sills, in the bottom drawer of the oven (yes he’s even been there!) etc. This is one limber sucker. My brother saw him the other night, so he devised a trap, and barraded the other openings and placed it in front of the only opening left. Somehow, he got away. We were dumbfounded. I am going to try the ramp leading up to a garbage with a peanut butter in a toilet paper roll trick tonight. This better work. He is leaving his “mark” everywhere. I might also try the hot glue gun method.
    I have to say, this blog is very helpful and very humorous. Right to lifers vs. eradicators. I am for the latter. Mickey does not belong in the house.

  45. 🙂 I’m so frustrated! I have mice in my house. I’ve caught four already but for the past week I haven’t caught anything. I have glue traps out and poisonous bait but nothing. I must have a smart one. It’s driving me crazy because I consider myself a very clean person and I can’t take more of the little presents it’s leaving on everything from my counters to end tables in my living room. Peanut butter hasn’t worked for me. I caught the other four using dog food on a glue sheet. I know..weird but I caught one eating out of the dog bowl and I tried it.

  46. i have just discovered “my” mouse last night. and i was up ALL night with a broom just waiting for it to come out of hiding. the little bastard got the best of me. since i’m a college student, i’m a little messy… who am i kidding, i am messy. :d i have a small room for me and my dog, and i swear that mouse has been everywhere! but now, that i’ve basically cleared out the room, he’s no where to be found. Oh. and did i mention, since my dog basically lives in my room, the mouse has been eating his dog food? YES. can you believe that. i wasnt quite sure what it was at first about his dog food being behind the desk and under the bed when he cant even get under them. but yes, i’m going out to the store now to get traps and bacon. i hope it works… and fast. i cant stand it!

    ps. this site has been both useful and hilarious.

    pss. to the non-believers out there: KILL THEM ALL! :d

  47. Listen people, I want to help you solve your problem.

    Last year I put a bowl of antifreeze outside under my closed in porch where animals cannot get to, and I haven’t seen a mouse or rat inside since, also works for roaches, and damn roaches cant become immune to antifreeze, lol.

    I did it after the son of a bitches had made a nest in my cars heater and screwed it up, a mechanic got it out for one hours labor charge, and they also made a nest under my hood on top of the motor, payback is a bitch.

    When I was a kid I saw a dead mouse with a piece of Licorice stuck in its throat because it couldn’t swallow it and it couldn’t throw it up so it choked on it, Try this also.

    Also Internet searching reveals that blue cheese dressing is (toxic!) for rodents, although I haven’t had a chance to try it.

    Internet searches also state that too much peanut butter can cause a rat to choke and they cannot vomit. They lack the necessary muscles that would allow them to do so.

    Lastly go to this web site and read what it says about “foods never to feed your rat.”

    I hope this will help your rodent problems.



  48. Darn mouse wont get caught. Tried cheese, peanut butter, chocolate and 7-grain crackers on the glue and snap traps but this guy is smart. However, I think I have him now becuase he’s eating the poison seeds I left out. Hoping it goes outside to die and not in my wall, but gonna risk it.

    Found when I had a problem before at another place that the best thing was a glue or snap trap with a little peice of cracker with peanut butter and a chocolate chip on top. Give them a nice little meal and they should go after it. If it’s still alive in the trap drown it or club it with something. Check your traps often so you put the little creature out of it’s miseary as as soon as possible.

    Looks like PETA is gone from this site so hopefully they don’t come back. If you love the mice so much then live with them or something … just don’t release them so they go in someone else’s house where they’ll be killed. And don’t waste a bunch of gas driving them out to the country to release them. They’ll die anyways out there and all you did was contribute to global warming and the war in iraq. The house mouse has to die and the only reason it’s here in the first place is becuase it’s scavenging off of people … nothing natural about it. If nobody killed mice and rats they would multiply and be a much bigger problem.

  49. wow, i have this mouse in the house and i’ve brouhgt like so many glue sheets that i cant wake aroundthe house anymore
    its crazy how this mouse avoids all the mouse traps. but guess what i see that little fucker go into the living room one day and since he likes to go from the kitcen to the living quite often, i said whynot line up traps at the doorstep. so i did, and it CAUGHT HIM! but wait!!! that little sucker mangaged to get himself out of the trap and free himself. wowowowow. i dont know how he did that… well no i am going to sleep i have made traps alll around the house and i cant wait for the morning when i am going to put him in a plastic bag and just let him suficate to death or ill just step on him…. hahahahhahahaha or swing the bag around while hitting it on the walls and shit like that aahahahhahahaha TORTUREEEEEEE ahahahahaha i cant wait

    alrighty now, but wait does those mouse traps with the springs, do tehy really work?
    ive been using mouse gluee traps and notthing been happing.

  50. ok, call me what you want, but I am not excited about communing with mice. I discovered one in my kitchen (I am glad because I wouldnt have known I had them) then I saw another one in the basement. I caught both of them, but I am sure there are more, theres never just one. I suggest cleaning out all of your closets and under furniture… you will find droppings in places you never though you would.. YUK!! I moved all of my food to my refrigerator to limit the food supply. I too like an earlier poster- the mice gained access through the open door in my garage.

    so call me mouse killer.. I am a Christian, but I think God has and will forgive me for getting rid of disease carrying rodents.

    P.S. Did u know that you shouldnt vacume up the droppings until you have sprayed disenfectent on them?

    cathch em, kill em

    AKA Mouse Killer

  51. Uhh goodness I came upon this site when I googled how to kill mice. I just noticed about 3 days ago a horrific scratching sound……..come to find out it was a mouse. I bought some dcon and spring traps tonite, I can’t wait to see if they worked. I am begining to think this mouse is Houdini! I don’t think there is anyway to go about getting rid of mice without killing them. If you just let them go they will find their way back into your home. NOT WORTH IT……its hard enough catching the damn buggers! Good luck to all! If the peanut butter dosen’t work tonite I am resorting to the bacon or superglue!

  52. i came here the same way sara (dec 13) did. tomorrow i’ll try the bacon idea. our East Village mousie (who I’ve dubbed “Roberta”) enjoys power protein powder and dried seaweed. Perhaps she’ll go for the bacon…

    thanks for the idea. (and good for you, lisa — kill those suckers.)

  53. Hey Lisa
    Found your blog while looking for ways to catch/deter/kill mice.. For the PETA lady up there..Look up all the diseses that are in mice feces. Its not a pretty sight. You have to remove them at least a mile from the home or else they will come back in since thats the nesting area. They could have a burrow down the street from you so you watch himr run away but hes only going back to the hole that leads into the foundation of your home. Considering mice produce around a dozen babies who are mature enough to reproduce in only a couple months.. Taking out one or 2 of them for the sake of your health and your childrens health I think that the powers that be will forgive me on that one :-?:-? Tonite Im trying your bacon trick and see if that helps us catch them. So far they have escaped the glue traps with only a bald spot.. Eluded the snap traps by just eating all the peatnut butter.. and they dont like the taste of the poison seeds or the aintifreeze cups. we know they are there because so far the headcount between us the landlord and the cats been hovering around 11 this week….
    Note for anyone.. Goldfish brand crackers stuck with glue to a trap works a pretty good too :d

  54. PS.. Update in the ocuple hours since I read this post on the bacon bit I set a trap and caught a mouse within a couple hours of setting it..

    Now we are up to 13 in this house..

  55. :((

    Lisa – i’m impressed that this little discussion has been going on for two years. i was particularly entertained by the peta/animal right people. my name is jose and i’ve killed more mice than anyone on this page – probably more than everyone on this page put together. i’m guessing i’ve killed 2000-3000 mice. i used to work in a lab doing cancer research on mice and a lot of them get sick and need to be sacrificed. i felt bad for the little guys, but i also like to know that if i get cancer – or if our peta friends get cancer even – they will have much better odds at beating it thanks to these mice.
    but now my nyc apartment has mice. little bastards. i saw one little guy last night about 2 feet away from me while i was watching tv last night. i tried to step on him but he ran under the couch too quickly. he’s a brave little shite, i’ll give him that. i’ll get him though. he needs to die. he pooped on my freaking bed sheets after all. when i saw him last night in my living room i got to thinking – a bb gun or a pellet gun would be a lot of fun to off that little crumbsnatcher. sure, glue and snap traps work (i refuse to use poison because of the smell when they die in a wall), but they really are unsporting. a bb gun would take some skill and patience – and it would be good fun. i’m on my way to the sporting goods store tonight to buy me a pellet or bb gun. i’ll let you know how it goes.

  56. joselito!! Your post made me laugh so much, thank you – I needed that today!

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only big, mean and ugly mouse killer out there – – not only that, but I’m not the worst! You have us all beat! Beware PETA! :-ss

    Best of luck with your mouse and the BB pellet gun! Sounds like good weekend fun. :)>-

  57. I just found this blog from a google search for catching mice, and must admit that I’m a bit disturbed by the mentallity of some people. How can anyone in their right mind compare a human life that to of a mouse?? I am an animal lover, but I have no problem killing mice that invade my house. Should I not worry about my health while they spread their disease infested poop all over my place. Comeon you peta people, be realistic instead of been one sided, ignorant idiots. I doubt rodents would think twice of killing you peta people in a heart beat if you invaded their space and were eating their tasty treats and pooping in their beds.

  58. Well I guess by what Jose said those peta people wont be getting Cancer treatments or any other treatment for any sever long term illnesses either since those poor lil mice had to be sarificed. I know Ill sleep better knowing that they helped my father beat cancer and that it wasnt in vain that they died. Mice are a real problem in households and I guess some people would rather sit on their high horse then admit it. I guessthey dont like washing their hands to clean germs off them or even shower because they are alive as well..

  59. Here is a animal story that fits this topic well.
    My sister is currently on a mission to get ride of a tribe of mice, which is what made us look at this site.

    Man’s Homemade Mole Killer Kills Him Instead

    BERLIN (Jan. 11) – A German retiree who wired up a high-voltage cable to try to wipe out the moles digging up his garden killed himself instead, police said Thursday.

    Uwe Werner, police spokesman in Stralsund north of Berlin, said the 63-year-old retired construction foreman was found dead in the garden of his weekend house in Zingst next to a 380-volt cable and metal spikes rammed into the ground.

    “The moles survived,” Werner said, noting the voltage was enough to run a cement mixer or heavy-duty power saw. “It was in any event an unorthodox method to try to get rid of moles.

  60. Hey Lisa… just caught one of the little bastards in my kitchen with a glue trap. Sorry PETA people, but this freaking thing has got to DIE!! Ever heard of hantavirus? Freaking things have invaded my house, and I’m going to try the bacon trick next time.
    In the meantime it’s time for bed… I’ll take care of this squeaking little pest tomorrow… and then I have to mop the kitchen and my room because he left his droppings everywhere 🙁

  61. I’ll joing the ranks of the mice killers here. What seems to work for me is the white cream filling of an oreo cookie. 5 little critters down, hopefully not too many more to go. I had heard of using peanut butter before, but since they seem to have eaten all the oreo cookie snaks my daughter left out, I tried that.

  62. I new there was a mouse in the house how it got by my Akita I’ll never know (or did he bring him in?) Anyway I walk up to the kitchen sink lean on it sip out of a cup of water and absent mindedly toss the remainder in the sink – in a flash something flies out of the garbage disposal hits my chest lands on the floor. He recovered from his shock before me but I did have enough time to notice a large wet mouse escaping – I’ve been staying with friends since and needed medication so to all you bleeding hearts – DIE MICKEY!

  63. David from Glasgow, UK

    I empathize with you all.. I really do… (KILL MICE BY WHATEVER MEANS)….As a Matter of up-most urgency.!! – Risk to Human Health, especially Children, if you have any.! MY STORY…(I have a Clean, Tidy Home)
    I only noticed 10 days ago that I had some unwanted rodents .. I heard a loud Noawing noise, sounded like a Mouse, shapening its teeth, on wood underneath my floorboards, in a Cupboard… later that day, I noticed it out wandering around, I have read mice can only see a few inches, well this mouse gave me eye contact, when it see me pause for a sec and look at it directly, off it ran.. (Dispeared until a few days latter) heard some Meee, meee, meee, Noises, YES. a sound of a few mice, perhaps young ones.. seemed again, to be from under the floorboards in my home… I have bought SNAP Traps on ebay, and also bought GLUE Traps… Have set them and used a few last night with chocolate… (Tide to trap with fishing cable), will let u know how I get on… (I’m fearful because, Ive read they breed at an alarming rate. They spread serious virus, and Mice urinate over your dishes, knivfes and spoons, and clean areas for preparing food to eat… So, I bleach everything daily, just so I dont get food poison, or a nasty virus… (I intend to set as many traps as possible), also block all entry so mice can never re-enter my Very Cosy Home… I may even buy a Tom Cat… GOODLUCK..!! – Thank for the Bacon TIP.!

  64. David from Glasgow, UK

    Always Remember, to try and eliminate as many Mice as possible, before they breed, again, again, and again… until the point you have a major infestation… which would be very serious.

    I have read a lot on the internet on do a search.

    Ive learned to wash hands very often, bleach dishes, cups, and other utensils BLEACH all worktops (very regular) each day, until Mice are Eliminated for Good! (Important).. Mice can get through a whole the size the end of a Pencil… they can get most places, when hungry they will eat their way through a Cardboard and Plastic packaging to get at food.. (Nasty) They spead many different germs, viruses and bacteria… (Can be all Googled on the intenet).

    Also, Do NOT USE POISON, if you keep pets or have Kids.!

    I’m taking my mice problem very seriously, and will NOT spare a single moment until I eliminate the disease spreading rodents – Once and for all… (Ive bought many various Traps and bait)..Been living rodent FREE in my home for many years, and am shocked by lots I’ve learned on the internet about my new visitors. If you don’t wish to take care of the problem, call the professionals, they will deal with it.!

    I will check back here in a few weeks and keep you all posted about my success rate, (Take NO Prisoners).!

    Thanks for reading…

  65. Okay, so I was sleeping last night (for like 2 hours) and I feel something in my bed next to me…I open my eyes and there is a mouse beside my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so freakin insane. I don’t really believe in killing mice, but they don’t seem to be going away…I think I’m gonna do that peanut butter trick and set some traps tomorrow. Ahhhh that was so scary. I haven’t slept at all since that happened. Too scared to go on my bed :P. Well thanks everyone 🙂

  66. David from Glasgow, UK

    Dear Fellow Mouse Catchers… (READ BELOW) 2nd Blog “The Aftermath”…

    Well Im back after just over 2 months, from beginning elimination, 1st I bought 36 snap traps on ebay, and tried peanut butter and bacon, however, the mice I had seemed to have a kind of insight to stay away from all snap traps… thats the spring loaded ones.! – USELESS COMPLETELY USELESS.!!

    So, after googling some more I read CatchMaster GLUE Traps where the most efficient & FASTEST way to eliminate Rodents of all kinds.. (MICE) & (RATS) So, I bought 2x different sizes from the Online trap wholesalers.

    150 Catchmaster Mouse GLUE TRAPS
    80 Larger CatchMaster RAT GLUE Traps…. I thought the bigger Glue board would be a Good idea, and it turned out to be true, The RAT Boards are Bigger and have thicker GLUE…

    So far I have caught 11 Mice, I honestly dont know where they came from, but as you can see from my last blogg that explains it all, just a few bloggs away from this one.!

    I placed the glue traps together in groups of 6 beside each other, and put a few pieces of brocken up chocolate in the Glue Board Trap, the mouse then runs over expecting a 5 star meal, and oh! dear hes in for a suprise…lol 11 fair sized mice, caught via the same trick, they lick MARS Bars the best, well thats what their called in the United Kingdom.

    The Mouse immediately trys to FREE himself from the Glue Trap, but the more he tries to break FREE he burries himself into the GlueBoard, Just “Like Quicksand” – very effective 100% never lost a single mouse who put a single foot on my Glue Traps, they are so damn sticky, thats why you need to handle them with care, if a pet in your home, like a cat or dog gets stuck, dont worry because simple cooking oil is all thats required to appply to their foot and they will be easily realesed in seconds after cooking oil is applied to the area where their foot is stuck.

    Keep also changing bait and changing the position of the Gluetraps, so the mice dont get too suspicious…

    with the catchmaster glue traps, (get them on they contain peanut butter essence inside the glue, so really they dont even need bait…. put them also in walkways, where mice are known to travel.

    Ive tried absolutely everything, snap traps, electric noise plug in high pick DB that only Mice and Rats can hear, they are a waist of money.! I never used poison because I never wanted the mice to decompose underneath my floor boards, or between the walls, even under a cooker or fridge. Poison, is only a last resort.! and the modern poison used to kill mice is absolutely harmless to humans, only kills Rats & Mice, 1st by making them feel very, very thirsty, so they then try desparately to leave your home to outside to find water, its then the poison then kills them dead, while they are searching for water. (So make sure NO WATER) is about in the kitchen sink, and keep the lid on the toilet seat. lol

    if you have a genuine story you would like to share with me, please email me at please email me if you have a rat or mouse problem and could use some friendly advice.

    lable the email, “help to kill a mouse”… that way I know its NOT spam.

    Thanks LISA for hosting this site, it really helped me to read all the comments, Ive now graduated to professional Mouse

    Warmest Regards, – David from Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    To: Lisa, and to all People affected by unwelcome Rodents.!
    Try to keep this website going for as long as possible, thank-you so much.!

  67. Arghhh, I seen a mouse a few times in my apartment,, and now everytime I hear any slight noise I go into flight or fight mode… so this means I can’t sleep. Now I’m imagining noises, and even seeing things..everytime a shadow moves,, or the tv shines onto something it makes me jump and become alert.

    I found some holes and blocked them up with polyfilla but a few hours later the holes were back,and the undried pollyfilla was everywhere so don’t try that.. I stuffed the holes full of plastic bags and it worked, maybe they can’t chew plastic bags well,, it keeps breaking off and they cant grip it with their teeth..but only used this as a temporary measure but will block up pemanantly when I get time..

    I found a big hole in the ceiling and am sure thats how they got in,, I put some poision down about 9 days ago, it was all eaten, then more the next day all eaten,, but hasnt been touched for a week now.. I hope it has scarpered and not dead under the cooker or somewhere but as yet I cant smell anything. YUK,, I’m a grown man 38 years old, but the thought of pulling the cooker out and seeing a dead mouse freaks me out.

    Not wanting to spend my weekly pittance on mouse trapsI thought I could outwit it,, I put a plank of wood against a 3 foot plastic bin and put lots of lovely food inside, I strategically balanced it on sticky tape, near the top, thinking that it would go for the bait, and the tape would not hold its weight and it would fall into the bin and wouldn’t be able to escape.. or be tempted by more grub at the bottom of the bin..however it didnt fall for it, but the piece of apple on the first level of tape had been half eaten,, very clever !!

    So after a few sleepless nights and several sightings.. I had to invest in a mouse trap.. I read that the snappy ones didnt work and couldn’t stomache finding a dead mouse I bought some humane trap thingy it never even went into it.. so then made a trail of food leading to the trap entrance,, all the trail got eaten, and half the food inside the trap,, right up to the point where the closing mechanism would have got triggered..but he stopped right there as if he knew !! So am really intrigued by that.. Would love to get some mice and give them radio collars and track them with mini cameras all round a house they have infested,, you know like that Meercat Manor program on TV.. track their behaviour next to lots of types of traps, and baits, and what happens when they eat different types of poisons, their reaction to peppermint ols..etc..see the places inside the building where they go and their routes.. their breeding habits and if they have any social structure..would make a cool tv program.

    However it would need a big budget,, so if anyone wants to invest a million quid let me know.. it would be a smash hit on tv,, and we could sell it to all the networks and make squillions. Can anyone think of a cool title.. Mouse about the House…

    Or a program about mouseproofing someones house – 60 Minute Mouseover..

    We could even have celebrities who have infestations swapping houses in… Celebrity Mouse Swap…

    Or you have to guess the celebrity whose house is infested in…Through the Mouse Hole

    Or a debate on whether to kill them or release them … Squeal or no Squeal

  68. I have been so entertained by the mouse tricks everyone has related on this blog, but I still believe in MOUSE DEATH!! First noticed dog food in my overnight bag, wondered why the dogs were putting food in my bag, but they do travel with me so thought maybe they were packing. Then noticed dog food in my dresser drawer, and knew the dog couldn’t open and then close the drawer after depositing food there. Hadn’t seen a mouse though, so thought maybe Mickey left. No such luck. Saw the mouse run along the baseboard one night while watching t.v. Went out the next day and spent $2 on 8 snap traps. Baited them with peanut butter and put them all over the place, but especially along the wall I saw the mouse running by. Actually saw a mouse jump over one of the traps on his way to the kitchen. Finally caught one mouse the first night, and the dogs just went crazy. Betty, my old momma dog, couldn’t stand the idea of a rodent in the house. She hated the one in the trap, wanted us to let her have it. The other dogs don’t seem to care as much, but they’ll follow her around when she checks the traps if she appears agitated. She began to sniff along the baseboards, around cupboards, in closets, everywhere. She would become very agitated and would check the traps several times a day. Had only caught one with the traps though, and Betty and I were both ever-vigilant in checking. (although if I find one in a trap have to have my son empty it because I can’t stand to touch them, look at them, or deal with them even when they’re dead) Night before last, heard a terrible commotion in the kitchen, dog toenails on the linoleum and scrabbling around. Went to see what was going on and BETTY had caught a mouse! She’s an American Pit Bull Terrier, and she was so proud. Snapped its little mouse spine in two when she caught it in her jaws. GOOD DOG!!! My son removed it from her mouth, showed all the other dogs what she did, gave her a treat and off we all went to bed. Last night, trap got another mouse. Not nearly as exciting as Betty getting a mouse. Betty keeps checking every day though, smelling along the baseboards and watching behind the entertainment center where they seem to run to. So far, the score is traps two, Betty one. I’m betting on Betty.

  69. mike aka dirty mouse killer

    i love this site i also did a search on google found this 1 very ammusing and insightful thanks for ideas yes i also have a mice problem fuck peta mice diei put some strawberry jelly on victor trigger hope it works i will let u know and to all fellow killers rock on

  70. I have tried nearly all types of traps and nothing really happened, until last night when my friend came around in the flat and said : “put some garlic on the trap”, I laughed at first, and then I followed the advice… I did not have anything to lose…. 30 minutes later click!
    :d:d:d I cleaned the trap and disposed the little friend and set the trap again … another 30 minutes and… click! another one!!!
    I really hope this is the end of this experience!!!
    How many mice can I possible have in the kitchen?

  71. Oh my gosh! I just got a new loveseat and couch and noticed some stuffing from a cushion! You guessed it, the little bastards are nawing away at the fabric on the fabric and getting up under and eating the batting where the cushions go. What am I to do? We have used cheese with little luck, the bacon sounds good and maybe I’ll try the garlic tonight. I hate cats but I love my couch. I think we will set traps around the couch and loveseat. any suggestions, please write.

  72. I have a mouse ready to has babies and she is fixing a nest in my new couch! I tried the bacon and garlic last night and caught 2 with the bacon. My husband set up a glue trap in the couch..nothing last night. we have an old farmhouse with many holes and cracks in the foundation so I think we will always have mice. Kill the suckers!!!!

  73. I have a mouse that is eating and nesting in my new couch! I tried the bacon and caught 2. Last night one got away with a little bacon and never sprung the trap! Now the damn thing will go to its friends and inform them that theres a trap set and to be on the look out.

  74. Me v. mouse. It wasn’t always like this, i used to have a cat. But in my 100 yr.old apt. building, why my space?– I pay for it and there are 5 stories of walls and ceilings a mouse could live well in without bothering me and risking death. My round “no view” trap just triggered. Now the little mouse is running around inside the tiny trap space and moving the trap slightly across the floor. Whatever happened to that “killed instantly” promise? and most definitely I am not going anywhere near a trapped live mouse (ycch) plus, a very tiny part of my heart doesn’t want to kill anything anyway. Since I don’t want it to have a lingering death, I’ve covered the trap with a metal bowl on the floor, where i’m hoping it will run our of oxygen before morning, and i can deal with it in daylight. The last time, I bought one of those ultrasonic devices that “mice hate (sic)” And that’s just where i saw my first mouse here, sitting on top of the little device plugged into the kitchen wall outlet– mocking me, obviously.

  75. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t go out of my way to
    kill another of “God’s creatures” (unless I can
    eat it), but these little bastards have got to
    go. Anything (or anyone) caught sneaking
    around my house stealing my food (and defiling
    everything in its path) is fair game. That
    includes you PETA people, too.

    City mice are sneaky and arrogant. They can
    invade your home and live there for months
    before you realize it. But once you discover
    them (usually by their choice) the war is on. little The little suckers will get into everything
    despite your best efforts. There is almost no
    place in your home than they can’t go. And
    just to prove their superior intellect, they
    will leave you their “calling card”, as if to
    say “Nice try, idiot. Is that all you’ve got?”

    The only way to catch them is to take advantage
    of their smugness and overconfidence. I had a
    mouse that thought the kitchen counter was his
    personal playground. We removed everything
    from counter, eliminated all means of access
    and tried various traps. It made no difference
    to him. (Apparently, this mouse could fly).
    He’d come out in the open just to taunt us and
    if we gave chase, he’d jump over the traps,
    leap off the counter and vanish into thin air
    before he hit the floor.

    He was a worthy adversary but he underestimated
    me. To catch him, I simply put the bread box
    back on the counter, giving him what appeared
    to be safe cover. I also placed snap trap
    behind it. I knew he’d just jump over it so I
    also placed a second trap a few inches away.
    He cleared the first trap easily but landed
    squarely on the second. I have his little
    head mounted over the fireplace today.

    When they came looking for him, his buddies
    didn’t fall for that trick. I caught two more
    with an improvised trap. I folded a thin piece
    of cardboard and secured it to the egde of the
    counter with tape. Then I placed a single
    square of mini-shredded wheat at the free end,
    secured it with a needle and put a large empty
    trash can under it. The next morning, the
    shredded wheat was gone. Initially, the
    cardboard plank must have looked like an easy
    path to a free meal. Imagine their surprise
    when it suddenly buckled under the extra weight
    of a only few ounces. I hope they enjoyed
    their last meal. Hahahahaha! Now who is

    The most satisfying method of pest control is
    with a pellet gun. DO NOT use BB’s. They are
    just copper-coated steel balls and will ricco-
    chet around until they hit something soft —
    usually YOU. Use the .177 caliber lead
    pellets. On impact, they just flatten out or
    shatter into tiny pieces. Maybe the mice will
    eat them and die a slow, lingering death from
    lead poisoning…

    When on mouse safari, patience is the key.
    Stalk your quarry and learn its habits. You
    have to wait for the right moment and line up
    the shot perfectly. If you miss, he will
    become wary and more elusive. Choose a spot
    where you can sit comfortably with a clear view
    of the kill-zone. Take aim and wait. When he
    feels safe, he’ll poke his head out cautiously.
    Don’t react. He may try darting across the
    floor in the open, just to spook you. Don’t
    fall for it. Eventually, he will feel safe and
    come out of hiding. Wait. Don’t move. Let
    him come to you. He will walk directly into
    your sights and give you the finger. Exhale
    slowly and squeeze the trigger. Reload, just
    in case. Afterwards, stand over the body and
    gloat. Loudly assert your triumphant dominance
    and issue a challenge to all comers (in case
    any of his friends is watching). Have a beer
    or a smoke before cleaning up. Brag to your
    friends or anyone else who will listen.

    My best kill was a shot through the neck at 25
    feet with a Crossman air pistol. (Okay. I
    admit that I was aiming for the largest part of
    his body but I’ll take it. He must have felt it
    coming and tried to escape.) I thought I had
    missed when he leaped into the air but he
    didn’t move when he landed. The projectile
    must have severed his spine and killed him
    instantly. No squeaking. No twitching.
    Not much blood either. Just Miller time.

    As I write this, I am preparing for battle
    once again. They seem to be coming in pairs.
    I took out the alpha last week. This morning
    I found his successor’s reply on top of the
    stove and the kitchen counter…

  76. The entry from qdemon was wonderfully funny, thanks for the sunday morning laugh.
    As for my couch, the sucker hasnt come back, must have had her vermon spawn elsewhere. There are more because I to have seen a calling card on my counter. Since the first 2 where caught 3 weeks ago, the others are very cautious but eventually, the humans will win.

  77. Update: Victory is mine! Found him upside-
    down in the snap trap after I finished the
    previous installment.

    How’s this for irony: My neighbors have been
    putting out food and water for a couple of
    stray cats. Of course, mice are being
    attracted to the free buffet and are chased
    onto my property by the cats. Ultimately, the
    few who aren’t caught escape by infiltrating
    my house.

    No wonder the cats are afraid of me. They
    always slink away when they see me coming.
    Now I know why. They’re just using me for
    their own amusement and they knew I’d catch on

    Imagine being punked by a couple of stray
    cats. I can hear them mocking me even now.

  78. Karl:

    We do have jobs but we have to find ways to
    amuse ourselves so we stay out of trouble.

    Did you know that most employers frown on the
    use of various traps (and pellet guns) against
    one’s fellow employees? Probably not.

    How fortunate that you have enough free time
    to read this blog while perusing the want ads
    between naps.

    Just don’t let me find your little footprints
    on my kitchen counter…

  79. Nobody likes mice in their home but some ways of getting rid of them are more humane than others. First you must find out how they are getting in and plug it up or you will never rid your home of mice. Glue traps and poison are the most inhumane. They both cause mice to slowly suffer a terrible death. If you must kill them buy a good snap trap (old or rusty ones may not work correctly). I choose to live trap mice with humane traps (Smart Mouse Trap brand) and take them outside. Since I’ve plugged up the holes I don’t worry about them coming back. Regardless of their size, they feel pain and experience terror just like our dogs and cats can. No need to make them suffer needlessly.

  80. I have been trying to catch ‘Ralphie’ for over a week now. I went to Target to buy those little walk in traps, but I have yet to catch anything :((

  81. Danielle,
    I tried raw bacon on a trap, caught 2 that night. Also tried those mouse sticky traps and put them along the wall(thats where mine usually run)and caught 2 that way. Now this method is hard to take because when I threw the trap and the mouse in the trash, he or she turned its head and looked in! Then I remembered all the holes in my bags and poop on the counters and didnt feel as bad. I would try the raw bacon first.
    Good luck,

  82. Someone once told me that mice don’t like the smell of pine… so pine scented air fresheners might be the answer to drive them away… and even keep them away… if you can stand the scent yourself!!!

  83. I have had a mouse for several weeks now. I can not seem to catch it. I have put out glue traps. I thought he was gone, but kept hearing strange little noises. I just saw him run out of my bread box and run behind the stove. I put three glue traps lined up at the opening of the stove and wall. If this does not catch him, perhaps I will try to move the stove tomorrow away from the wall and see what I can do. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. I hate this. I am a single mom and I hate mice. Let’s pray this works.

  84. I caught my mouse. I hope there are no more. I put an empty instant grits box on the edge of the counter. You can use a toilet paper roll or anything similar. I put a big dab of of peanut butter on the edge of the box. Balanced it on the counter and put a deep kitchen trash can underneath. Trash can was empty. I put about 4 inches of water in the trash can. I went to bed praying it would work. I woke up and saw that the box was gone. When the mouse went for the peanut butter he knocked the box and himself into the trash can. This little mouse used the box as a float. I did not want to touch it. I put a trash bag over the top and went down the road about a mile and a half and let if free. I hope there are no more but at least I know how to catch it if there are.

  85. hahaha i caught 5 mice this weeks, and ive had them for over 5 years and am sick and tired of em, i love nature but these mice went too far, so i took em to my backyard and poured gasoline on them and set them to fire>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)!!!!!!!1

  86. I caught another mouse the same way mentioned in my earlier post. This time however, I made sure the sucker was dead. I know I am cruel but I was not going to take a chance by setting him free down the road and he coming back. I think this was a different mouse. I sprayed bug spray into the trash can and covered the trash can with another trash bag. Within minutes he was not moving. I will dispose of him in the trash within the bag. Sorry to all those who find this offensive, but I am sick of a mouse in my kitchen.

    Last week, I took everything out of my cabinets, and wiped them down with clorox kitchen cleaner, have been wiping my counters down at least twice a day and making sure to keep things tidy. I thought they were gone and then I find thier calling card on my counter. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    I am telling you the trash can and tunnel trick really work. Here is hoping they stay gone for a while. If not I will bring the trash can back out. I may end up calling an exterminator.

  87. I stumbled upon this site like a few of the other posters.
    I am sooooo sick of these mice. My husband and I got in a HUGE fight this weekend over these filthy little creaters. Finally I told him it was the mouse or me.
    My husband bought one of those humane traps about 4 months ago. I asked him what we were supposed to bait it with and the box suggested that mice were just curious by nature and that curiosity would lead them strait into the trap. Well that is just bologna because the little pest just shits on top of the trap and doesnt bother wondering in. So then my husband tries cheese… Which I told him was not going to work after reading this site but he didnt believe me and now I have a trap with hard cheese in it and still no mouse.
    So can anyone explain to me how in the world this mouse is able to scale my high boy dresser and shit all over it? Thankfully I do not believe he has been in my kitchen but my dogs stay in there. However, he has been in my linen closet and shit over EVERY towel and sheet that I have. He has gone in my son’s room and shit on his TV and window sill.
    I do not see how they can climb dressers though when there is nothing to place their feet on???
    It boggles my mind.

    So my hubby went out and got some poison and a freaking $20 mouse trap that is supposed to electricute the mouse once it gets in the trap. I am thinking that if the mouse wont go in one without an electrical charge that more than likely it wont bother with the one that will electricute it either.
    Glad to have this site to vent and see other’s ideas and tricks.
    I think I am going to have to try bacon.
    I think reese’s peanut butter cups would work too, I had some in a box that I had gotten inside a Christmas present and my stinkin mouse ate them through the wrapper and just left little shrivels of paper everywhere…
    I will let you know how this works out.

  88. This site is amazing. Well yesterday whilst watching tv i got the fright of my life when this tiny thing comes running out, yes you guessed it I have a mouse in my house. I don’t know where it came from and I sure hope its the only one cause both me and my partner are afraid of mice. We’re fixing up the house at the moment so it could be where it came from. Anyway tonight when i get home i intend to try few of the tricks that are up on this site and hopefully one of them will work cause I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night knowing there was this monster in my house. Will let you know how it goes. If anyone else has a different method please let us know.:)>-:((:((

  89. i have both a rat (roof rat) and a mice problem. one point of entry, which i have purposely left opened (as part of the plan you’ll read below), is beneath my sink inside a cupboard. the entry here is a hole–that has been gnawed bigger by the rats–on the wall for the faucet pipe to travel to and from the sink. by making sure this point of entry stays opened and by making sure the cupboard’s doors don’t fling open from the inside by blocking them from the outside with a heavy box, i have created a chamber of execution.

    i have killed about 4 rats and 1 large sized house mouse so far with snap traps with bread and peanut butter cream as bait inside this chamber. one of the rats executed was so fat, so long, and its head so big that the snap lever, instead of clamping the neck area (as designed), instead clamped and crushed the rat’s face into a sort of flatten pancake. fortunately, it did not survive a la Michael Jackson. this rat’s head was so big that the clamp couldn’t reach the neck area. this beast was the sized of a domesticated american ferret. it must have been pregnant, in which case it brings me a smile knowing that i’m attacking the source of future mischief.

    the second point of entry is tucked away behind a dresser in an unoccupied room. i have seen the hole, and have seem the defecations all over the floor, and have even seen–and for the first time–the little mouse youngins whose heads are disproportionately bigger that their quarter coin sized bodies.

    one of these youngins, i initially and shamefully let go–he startled me and made me loosen my grip when he shrieked after pinning him down with one of my shirts. i later chased him down thru my kitchen, having seen him again while i was on the telephone, and as he was getting ready to run/hide behind my refrigerator because he saw me chasing after him, i blocked his escape route by throwing a blanket between the back of the fridge and the wall behind it. the lil feller dove head first into the blanket, and to my earnest surprise and amusement, bounced off, tried again, bouncing off AGAIN. the lil feller then leaped into a nearby empty 6-pack (beer) cardboard carrying case, resulting somehow trapping himself; i believed he was frozen by fear moreso than by not being able to find escape from a piece of cardboard with big enough spaces for him to escape through. i then immediately picked up the case by the handles and flung it, with the lil feller, out the door.

    there are a lot of stray cats that frequent by my door. i just hope the lil feller was every bit as tasty as he looked for these very fine rodent connoisseurs.

  90. For about a week we have been seeing a mouse or two in our kitchen. It even ran out to check on my old blind cat. Nose to nose. Well after it tried to go after my fresh baked brownies last night I bought some traps. Set them all with peanut butter. Within the first half hour we heard a terrible high pitched noise and sure enough caught one by its paw. He tried to get loose. When my 15 year old daughter seen hanging by its paw she freaked ran off screaming “don’t kill it I want to keep him “. That’s the funniest thing I ever seen. I gave that one to my cat outside. So my two daughters sat on chairs in the kitchen. WAITING. Lol. Sure enough about ten minutes goes by. The trap wacks its next victim. They called him Larry. The first one Jacx. Larry was snapped in the back of the head. No keeping him. She spazzed out running around yelling do we have to get more? So the evening goes on. She went to get some icecream and brownies sat in her chair waiting. Thinking of names of the next ones. Lol. Sure enough another. Snapped in the back of the head. She named him or her BArb. By this time she’s used to it. And doesn’t run out crying. My 6 year old thinks this game is neat.within 20 more minutes the trap gets another. Named him micky I think
    No more last night. I can’t wait to wake them cuz there’s another in the same trap. Lol.
    PETA take me away. They are horrible things. But fun to kill!
    If you PETA people think its so bad to kill them send me your address ill be glad to send you the critters in a box. Lol. Does dead or alive mean anthing???
    As for torchering my kids. they thought it was cruel. But life is cruel they accept that.
    I don’t want a to catch something from the little critters.
    If GOD didn’t want us to kill them he wouldn’t have so many.
    This has been a funny site I have had it book marked.
    5 down with one trap so far. Hehe haha.
    I’m sure there are more! Just wait I have to get my kids up so I can have my son reset this trap.
    The girls should just love the one now. He’s upside down under the trap where you can’t see him.
    My husband has shot them with pellet guns. I plan to use the anti freeze trick in my garage! Thanks for the tips Lol.waiting to get more! Lmao. Peta people send me your address! Dove

  91. Oh by the way to kill moles use juicy fruit gum. Break it up throw it around your yard or by the tunnels they dug. The moles will come up to eat it. They can’t digest it so they die. Oops.
    Just let the blind cat in he’s looking for more treats! Had to set off one of the traps he could easily get at.
    Its a mouse trap not a cat trap. !?!
    Hope your moles go away! Dove

  92. I have to agree that these mice in my house will have to die. It’s one thing to kill them outside, where they belong (not good), but if they are going to crap in my drawers, on my counter, eat my food that I paid for, and come into the house that I’m paying for, and chew up my new home construction then they are going to pay the price of death.

  93. Rats are pests that need to be killed , they carry around deadly diseases such as leptos-pirosis. If nott kiled these animals will become a plague , remember London and NewYork. Theres nothing wrong with killing a rat it,s all a part of nature and i’m goin out to get my bacon, peanutbutter and dog food now.

  94. Like many people here, I too have a mouse problem. And by mouse, I mean mice, plural.

    I’ve invested a lot of thought on the ethics of whether it’s right to kill mice. Now before everyone jumps on me for being some PETA loving hippie, let me assure you that I’m not. I eat meat, I lift weights, I’m your typical “man’s man” in most regards.

    However, I have a serious problem exterminating an animal just for existing.

    “But kaelic the filthy mouse came into my house and pooped on my clothes and now it’s time for it to die!!!!11one! Also did you know they spread DEADLY DISEASES”

    OK, first off settle down. Yes, mice can carry deadly diseases. You know what other species carries deadly diseases? Human beings. Should we gas everyone who has AIDS and Hepatitus B and TB? Obviously not. Not all mice are carrying deadly diseases, and it’s a culture of fear to insist that is your reason for killing them.

    Are mice somewhat gross and disgusting? I will admit, yes. They aren’t my favorite animals on the planet. However, killing something because it’s inconvenient reeks of obscene laziness and moral decay. I have lived in an area where cats would sometimes annoy me with their cat calls late at night. Man, you can’t imagine how many times I woke up VERY annoyed. So clearly the solution to the problem would be to get a very large spring loaded trap, bait it with a fish, and wait to find a cat with a broken neck in the morning, right? Problem solved?

    Do you see where the logic breaks down for me? Obviously, that does NOT seem like a reasonable way to deal with a cat, so why a mouse? They feel pain, and like all living things seem to be entitled to a right to live.

    We are like god’s to them, when you think about it. Huge, hulking titans standing over them, and they are so tiny and afraid. I’ve got eight mice so far with glue traps … each time I sat there and stroked their little bodies with a leather gloved hand, and could feel their hearts quivering a mile a minute. They are so scared, so afraid of these enormous creatures that hold the power of life and death over them, crying out in pain and fear. I don’t like to anthropomorphise animals, but on some level everyone must be able to relate to the fear and uncertaintly that they are feeling, and how scared they are.

    I peeled each mouse off the glue traps (wearing gloves) and threw them in a ten gallon tank I had laying around. I bought a lid for it and some mouse food. All in all, probably cost me around $20. Now they are no longer running around my house, and they essentially live in this tank. Do I feel bad about it? Not really. Most animals who come into conflict with human beings live short and miserable lives … I hope one day that changes, that we can respect animals for what they are … animals. They aren’t pooping in your clothes to spite you, they don’t have the intelligence to use little mouse toliets …

    As human beings, we are at once both above the natural world and an integral part of it. It is your own personal choice whether killing another living creature is right or wrong — I’m not exempt from the emotion of bloodlust I get from being annoyed by the mice, but at the same time my intelligence allows me to reason beyond it and see that to them I am a god, and I have so many more options available to me than killing them. Many ethicists believe that animal rights will one day fully materialize much as civil rights did, and environmental rights are now.

    I can only hope so. Until that time when killing a tiny little creature with a heart and a brain and blood becomes as abhorrent to people as catching a stray dog in a trap that breaks it’s neck, kill away good people, kill away.

  95. You people are all cruel. It is easier for you to just kill things and not acknowledge that you just took a life. Those of us with compassion tend to think “What if I were this mouse?”. To some of you that sounds crazy, and although the majority of you are PRO killing, it certainly does NOT make it right. It just means you have closed off that piece of good inside you, and somehow think an animal life is no more worthy of breathing in air, having a beating heart, feeling hunger, fear, pain. Yes, killing within the animal kingdom is part of nature, but we humans have developed far enough where we are no longer swinging from vines and killing b/c it is our only option. We are bigger than that, we have evolved- we have a choice. Step away from yourself for a moment and try to imagine yourself, legs nearly severed in a trap 3x the size of your body, laying wounded, in indescribable pain, and the only sound you can make is not understood by anyone. Pain is pain, and animals feel it too. THEY FEEL PAIN TOO. They too were in the midst of getting through the same day your were. I myself have used humane traps and have later gone out to an empty field and released these animals, and watched as they ran away. I then called in a pest control man to help seal up the openings in my home. Problem solved.

  96. I recently discovered that there are mice in my home. And I have to say I feel NOTHING for them! I have a 3 yr old and I can not have these nasty,dirty,disease carrying little shits around. I care about my familys health more than a tiny little mouse. I guess they came in the WRONG house!!!

  97. I just moved into a new home and the attic is filled with mouse poop. After cleaning the space I’ve spread powder on the floor. The mice have left tracks that indicate how they entered the room and their general size. I’ve now placed traps in the areas with the most tracks. The beacon is going to help me a lot, thank you. I’m also going to try the diving board into the trash can trick. I will not set the mice free to become someone else’s problem. They will be killed. These are not someone’s lost pets, they are pests. We treat roaches and mosquitoes in the same way. The Grizzly Bear and the Lion would kill any man who stumbled into its territory. That is natural and it is just. So, we should eliminate the vermin who invade our homes. Yes we have evolved, but we are still fragile. We are prone to sickness and death. We are so frail we must build elaborate structures to protect ourselves from the natural world. We are not gods. We are people. We are animals who live in buildings. The Earth is not the center of the Universe. The World does not revolve around us. This is not the Garden of Eden. If it were, there wouldn’t be any mice pooping in our beds.

  98. Best way to kill a mouse fast that got stuck in your live trap? Get a big trashcan, fill it up a few inches, dump the mouse in and add some dish soap and then put more water in so it foams up. Dead mouse in under three minutes, and you can walk away. Fuckers gotta die, PETA (PITA is more like it can go let them out so they’ll come back. I’ll kill them until they stay away.

    My trap was a Tomcat Live Catch trap – I used it when I thought I had just one mouse, and I haven’t gotten more. You know what got them? Butterfingers! The mini candy bar does just great and fits in a trap, they have been eating mine, so I baited a trap with what they like. I caught one eventually, there’s at least one more. I hope he gets caught too so I can put this to rest.

  99. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! It’s amazing how we can fight over killing mice for over a year!!! This is humor. Keep up the good work people!! PS. The bacon works perfectly…

  100. omg please help…i had pest control out last week to poison the little sods ( i have no clue how many there are now) they took the poison and are still alive and now even worse in my bloody bedroom! they seem to have vacated their usual haunt and took to my wardrobe! im devostated! i got pest control back again and theyve paid new poison but they dont seem to be taking it now!, its not nice to lay in bed on a night hearing them scratching and carrying on with themselves! I JUST WANT THEM DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!

  101. I’ve put traps all around, the D-CON no mess trap got 1 and now the Tom-Cat snap trap got 1 too….No new droppin’s and I think I might be mouse free I HOPE! I’m just leaving the traps out for a lil’ longer just in case. They drew first blood….and attacked my ritz crackers….now it’s time to pay em’ back….Good luck all. Just not the mice.

  102. lol at mice lovers… make sure you dont get a papercut inserting that papertowel roll tube thing.. oh and by the way.. say hi to lemmiwinks for me…

  103. hi all….ive done it…i got the little shit! the best thing ever aswell…i baught these glue traps which the mice stick to and cant get off…like super glue..i put 2 down 1 night and when i got up it was there stuck but wriggling about, think it tried to chew off its leg or summat to get off…poor thing but i had to do it just wasnt taking the hints and buggering off!!
    thats bloody £30 electronic mouse trap i got was a joke!

  104. I found this blog a week ago while trying to out smart our unwelcome house guest. Atleast I’m not alone.

    I live in a 110 year old house that has been moved twice. I keep mice out by trapping and steel wooling holes as necessary. But we did some work on our house a month ago and within a week I heard a noise that was too loud for a mouse. I have never had a rat in my house before. YUCK.

    He was smart too. I tried traps with PB and a sweet bread he’d gotten into before. He wouldn’t take it. I sprinkled a bit of granola in some posion. No go. I made baked beans with lots of brown sugar then mixed in some posion. He picked the beans out and left the bait pellets.

    We didn’t see him for a couple of days, but then last Sunday night he started chewing something under our bathroom cabinet. My husband and I didn’t sleep at all that night or the next.

    Yesterday my husband stayed home from work with the express intent of killing the rat. (Isn’t that what sick days are for?) He even told his boss, who encouraged him.

    First, we plugged up the holes we could see underneath the bathroom with steel wool. Then, we pulled back the flooring, took off the cabinet baseboard and started pulling out insulation. Eventually out came the rat. My husband, my one and only true hero, clubbed the rat with our son’s T-ball bat. It was a triumphant moment. I’d almost call it beautiful.

    We cleaned everything and put the bathroom back together. It smells heavenly in there now that the rat’s nest is gone. I have never slept as good as I did last night.

    Good luck to all. You can outsmart a rat it just takes some patience.

  105. Great blog! Some good advice on here. I’ve decided I’m going to let the mouse choose its fate. I’m going to put some humane traps down and some snap traps and maybe some glue traps and the little blighter can choose which one it goes for. Seems fair enough I think.

    To the Peta-like people out there, I bet most of you do not think twice about killing cockroaches and flies. If an animal has fur, why most it be treated differently and Shauna especially sounds like she’s ‘above’ this whole animal kingdom thing, I respect animals by considering myself part of the animal kingdom and adhere to its rules where possible.

  106. PEOPLE PEOPLE READ THIS READ THIS. I vote for the humane removal of mice. Some people’s problems are bigger than others. I have a mouse for the first time in eight years. He got into the nermally sealed crawl space a couple months ago last time we did work under there. Now it is sealed and he is stuck in my house. I immediatly tried to catch him with a cheap mechanical live trap without luck. I put more hope than effort into it. Mice make my husband and I eeeek! I know he’s in my kitchen and bathroom often. I do have mouse poop in my two utensil drawers. Thankfully it doesn’ t go in my silverware drawer. Over time I got lazy over the issue because he doesn’t bother anything. My bored house cats are actually having fun for once.
    Now it’s the dead of winter. What would I do if I did catch him? Drive him to Florida? I’ve gone this long it can wait a bit longer. In the mean time I will steralize my utensil drawers and add dryer sheets, catnip, peppermint, etc. I have read these things keep them out. I don’t care if he eats crumbs from my floor. Less work for me to clean up. Mostly, because of the cats, he stays in the walls. Come early spring I will invest in an electronic live trap that I can bait with the suggested bacon. I will set him free in my side yard and watch where he goes. If he goes back in my house I will at least know how he’s getting in and can plug it up with steel wool and other things. Then repeat process. The effort and time spent will be worth the long term reward of actually solving the problem and keeping a good conscience. By the way, his name is Peanut.

  107. Hello and thank you for posting this info I did not know about the bacon this little monsters keep eating the food in the trap but no mouse lol lol I think they are winning. I will try the bacon thank you again love the comments people put here I have had a good laugh. :)>-

  108. Very funny posts – at least there are others in the same boat — Did you ever notice that if you rearrange PETA it spells TAPE – as in duct TAPE that should be placed over PETA members’ mouths so they can’t talk shit!! PLEASE – mice and rats are PESTS that need to be eliminated!

  109. Oh please. I chased a mouse in my house for a month. I couldn’t catch it. I finally phoned the exterminator for some suggestions. he told me oatmeal on a glue trap and vanilla extract on cottonballs on snap traps. I did the oatmeal thing and it worked like a charm. It died, and i no longer find little mouse presents in my house. I’m sorry if dome of you disagree with killing them, but if your house became infested, I think you would change your mind pretty quickly!

  110. Glad I’m not alone on this ever since our next door neighbors have been renovating their home in June I’ve been seeing these nasty disgusting creatures. We’ve tried everything from glue traps to live box nothing is working! We recently put poison down hoping that it will work … If that doesn’t work then Snap Traps will be the last resort screaming mouse or not I may sound cruel but sorry to say that but I’m tired of seeing them in my home ! They crap everywhere gnaw on anything in site! It’s sickening! I hope they are out of my home before the weather turns cool or I don’t know what I’ll do.

  111. We have had a mouse in our house for months. We have tried all kinds of mouse traps and bait. Peanut butter never worked by the way. I read this blog last thursday and saw two things I decided I would try. Bacon and super glue. We went out and bought 8 snappy traps, bacon and super glue. We cut off some of the raw fat of the bacon and dried it with paper towels and superglued the little pieces of bacon to the mouse trap. The very next morning it was finally over. You have no idea how relieved we were. We spent the entire day cleaning our floors in our house. We have tile thank god because the poop was literally everywhere and pee must have been too. Our house smelled so bad. Now we finally have a clean house again. They are so dirty and gross and whatever means necessary should be taken to rid your house of these and then pull out that carpet because that pee and poop will be there forever. Thank you sooo much to the blogs that mentioned the bacon and super glue.

  112. Well I was awoken around 2:30 AM with some scratching noises and upon some more noises, I investigated and found the furry gray creature. Tonight I go to work with Bacon Fat, Peanut Butter, and glue traps. One good tip I heard was to setup the mouse trap in a paper bag that to ease the clean up.

  113. I have been hunting mice for years. Now I live in Alaska and deal with them at work and at home. At work those of us who want them dead and gone battle with those who don’t. We win, because we just don’t TELL when we kill one. At home, I am currently waiting for one to die under a glass from an old chandelier. I even sprayed some Wasp killer under the glass. I have a two year old granddaughter, a recent kitchen remodel, a small fire within the past month, and currently am undergoing remodels/repairs on both upstairs bathrooms. These little, diseased, nasty, poop-laying, gnawing, scratching critters MUST GO. They have pooped and peed in my new kitchen sink cabinet and turn on our sensor faucet — took us months to figure out it wasn’t a faucet mal-function or glitch. I have been sitting out bait for weeks — the problem with bait is that they die whereever, like on the hot baseboard heat, and then cause the house to reak as they complete the decomposing process. If I could find them as they die, THAT would help. As it is, I smell, hunt, find, and remove. Given the current construction ongoing in my home this process does not always work because of the mess and boxes of new stuff that abound. However, THEY WILL DIE IN MY HOME. No “catch and release” here. Find holes? Are you kidding? Let them back in? So I can plug up the holes and then have to catch them and their friends ANYWAY — because they are still in my house without a way out? No. They will have a way out of my home and it is ONE way — dead.

    For those who want them saved, they DO multiply, you know. Letting them loose means more mice and them more of them to find other ways into our homes. If you are willing to starve to feed them, go ahead. I won’t.

    Now, I am leaving to go and buy some bacon — to speed up the process.

  114. :((

    I have been trying to catch a mouse for about a month now, and that dang Fievel is so much smarter than me. I know the places he goes – it is only on the food shelves and he only picks one specific item on each shelf. The only reason we know where is goes is because of the hole in the bread bag, and the little presents of terd he leaves next to them. regular traps don’t work, revolving traps don’t work, and homemade traps don’t work Since we know he likes bread, we have tried leading a trail to a trap that has peanut butter in it…. doesn’t work….. we have tried bacon…. doesn’t work…… we have tried the tube hanging off the end of a shelf that will fall into a bucket of water…. you name it, the little sucker keeps coming back.. poison, trap doors, glue, electric…. doesn’t work….

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer my cry for help in catching him… I have never posted on a site before, so if you can’t help, if you could guide me to a good site, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Much thanks to all of you who take the time to read this.

  115. I caught 23 in my attic in 4 days just with snap traps and peanut butter. The US style lose insulation is just a perfect home for them. I thought there would be more – but the count gets lower every day. 1st day 12 – 2nd day 6 dead mice – 3rd day 3 mice..4th day 2..not sure if they are getting smarter or if I got them all..any idea on that ?

  116. Arrrgggghhhhh!! For many years I’ve been living in the same building (which is over 100 years old and on the outskirts of a city by the ocean) and have had no mouse problem. But in the last week I’ve seen a brilliant little fucker running all over the place. The first place I noticed it was in the sun room, climbing the curtains around dusk. The curtains! What an audacious, brazen little shit.

    I heard peppermint oil deters them. Well, not this one. I plugged in a sonic device and set some electric (battery-operated) traps baited with crunchy peanut butter. So far, none of these approaches seems to have had any effect. The critter just appears to be having a grand old time. It likes to run back and forth on the curtain rods. Creepy!

    I’ve appealed to building management for professional help because other residents have had problems recently as well. I hope they can get rid of them; otherwise, it may be me who leaves! This sucks!

  117. Dear PETA people..

    Whilst I admire your stance on Gods creatures, what about two of my own creatures.. my children! Last night our safety switch box blew up.. why? Because of damn mice. Those mice endangered the lives of my children by chewing through electricity cables, which was only minutes off setting itself alight. The only good mouse is a DEAD mouse.

    Happy Mouse catching and killing peoples!!!

  118. Joining the mouse war… a bit late it appears 🙂
    I moved in with grandma, because… grandma cannot take care of herself. She has a HUGE reputation for being a totally AWESOME housekeeper.

    I decided to take all the crap out of the kitchen that I don’t use… and under the drawer papers, I found lots of mouse droppings. I haven’t SEEN a mouse… I dumped everything in the kitchen into a mixture of ammoinia and dish soap…
    I would never have seen the droppings if I hadn’t decided to empty the drawers…

    To be honest, I have no idea how long this stuff has been here, or if my girls scared them away.
    I spent most of last summer, disposing of the bats that were living in the attic. (Bats can be umm… rehomed, with a suitable application of loud rap music… it appears they happily moved in with my mother…)

    The mice are a totally different story… I have no idea how to date mouse droppings. RECENT? Semi recent? OLD?
    Might they have sought a new home? ALSO… Should I simply relocate the stereo equipt?

    Do note… I have no problem with the mice comitting suicide. It really isn’t MY PROBLEM if they accidently poke their little noses into a electronic trap, step on one of the glue traps, or stumble into an old fashioned wooden trap.
    ALAS, I haven’t caught one yet.

    Yes… I did freak out, hit the hardware store, and now own every mouse killing thing known to man.

    I also discovered several dead ones in the drop cealing, but have no clue how to date mouse corpses EITHER.
    They appear to be mummified… but, again… no clue on how to come up with a semi accurate date of death for a mouse.

    Grandma (who lives in her own world) is NOT helpful, SHE never had a mouse in her LIFE… not once… however, the evidence does tend to make her information.. umm… unuseable.

    Now, what CAN I toss down to see if I actually HAVE the mice? Flour is not an option, as my girls will track it all over. Not to mention, I do believe it will ATTRACT MICE…

  119. Lol at people who think killing mice/rats is a big deal. Try living in Manhattan for a while and then see what you’ll think. This place is infested and I’ve heard some statistics say that there are nine rats per person.

    I’ve had on and off problems with mice since I’ve moved into an apartment here. It’s an old pre-war building in Soho so I knew I would probably have to deal with mice before moving in. In the winter I would hear rustling sounds in my cabinet and crunching under my refrigerator. When I would give that refrigerator a good shake I’d hear scrambling. Living here made me paranoid. Every sound I’d hear I’d think it was a mouse and I’d get my broom, determined to chase off the pesky critters.

    Of course I called my landlord and we sealed up every place we thought they’d be coming from. One morning I woke up and got ready to go out, put on my shoes and felt something in there. I thought it was a rock so I shook it out and I found that it was a piece of dog food. I don’t have dogs so I do not have any dog food in my apartment but my next door neighbor does. The mice had been bringing dog food into my place from next door!

    Anyway, I installed a new door as I thought that the mice may have been getting in through the opening under the door frame and I think they’re gone since my traps haven’t caught anything and I haven’t seen any mouse droppings or fur around. I still do hear the scrabbling in the ceilings/walls though…

  120. ive tried the ‘humane’ live traps. the mice get the bait but dont get trapped. then i decided i was going to need to do the snap traps. tried both the plastic clamp like ones and the old fashioned wooden ones. no luck. they lick the peanut butter off and then go on about their business. i put out two big rat sized glue traps tonight. wish me luck.

    i got a new suggestion today… combine portland cement and milk powder (50/50) in little cupcake papers. place them where the mice hang out. you can even give em a little pan of water to drink… the cement sets up inside of them and you pick up little mouse rocks the next day. i dont want them to wander back into their hidey hole before they die though. i’m going to try this one in the garage first.

    yeah, i would prefer to not kill them, but i am so fed up with them, i just want them out of my house. they poop all over the place. they tear into all my food, and i just cant have it in my house. its disgusting.

  121. mad fools…you cannot win.
    if you have 1 mouse you have hundreds,you cannot win.
    you people are the filthy ones,mice need food. clearly the tenement blocks you are squatting in are a veritable picnic area for them. you cannot win.
    keep your home clean and maybe you will suffer less.
    to the mice killers,remember this mr mouse will have the last laugh.
    when your in your coffin 6 foot under,he will be crapping in your mouth while he chews your nose off.
    learn to love vermin,they are not dirty they are natural and the norm.
    they were here before you and will be around long after your gone..
    hail Rattus norvegicus

  122. NEWSFLASH from the longtail gazette.

    Filthy Mice Chew on Elderly Residents In Nursing Home
    May 1, 2009
    Filthy Mice Chew On Elderly Residents In Nursing Home as a pack of mice mauled a bedridden 89 year old veteran man at an Australian nursing home, shredding parts of his ears and prompting the government Thursday, April 30th, 2009, to launch an investigation into state run the facility.

    Federal Minister for Aging Justine Elliot ordered a probe into what the government run nursing home in Queensland state was doing to protect residents, stating that, “the attack was “extremely disturbing and traumatic for residents and their families.”

    Imagine one million of these filthy varmins or just 10 chewing on your head?

    Ray Hopper, a state opposition legislator who was alerted to the mauling by the man’s family earlier this week, said the resident was found covered in blood by nursing staff on Saturday and in great distress. :):):)

    Commander of the furry Armies of the North, General of the Felix squeaking Legions,ready to unleash hell….

  123. wow. what a site…lmfao!!!u ppl kept me up way too late. well actually i wouldnt even b on here if it wernt for wonderful pets!
    u kno, i was nice at first and did my best to get the cat to drop em. i WOULD let them go!
    however, now…im really feelin the post that was about these things payin rent…lol. honestly, they eat more than i do! and i have to clean up after them and b sure things are kept clean! YEA RITE! i have a 2yr old and 5yr old!!
    im just so over feelin sorry for them. especially after i finally did serious research and found how dirty these mice are.
    see, we live at a dead end. we used to b surrounded by woods but about 2 years ago they cut the woods down!!!!!! we suddenly got everything!!!
    ugh, spiders,snakes(in our back yard), other insects that i have no clue about, possums in are front yard, deer in the “new development w/ only 2 houses after 2 years!!!!! and finally mice!!!!

    my bf is no help at all anymore. he leaves it up to me to catch em!

    ~~~O KAY! so here is my question:
    should i get an exterminator??
    -recently ive been seeing them more frequently. it is also the beginning of summer. the most disturbing is that i can smell the urine or whatever!!! NASTY
    i also read that for every 1 that you do see there are 20 you dont!!!!

    currently there is one in my room and i CANNOT sleep till i get it out!
    GO FIGURE, i have a cat who could care less that the mouse is behind my desk!
    i guess the mice are wearin her out cause she used to b the craziest thing u ever met!!!!

    also, i heard of a trap called kwick trap or something? it can catch multiple @ a time. its a tube leading to a large trap. it doesnt kill em either. it can, but u can avoid it as well.
    sounds like a winner for all of us in here…lol!
    problem is, dude stole it from work and didnt say where you can buy one!
    does anyone kno??? ill try e-bay :p

  124. The post that would not die…

    Lisa – forget about that new WordPress book. You’ve got almost enough material right here for a mouse book.

    1. You’re not kidding – this post has some serious google juice for those looking for info on how to get rid of mice. “Mousing For Dummies” ?? haha 😀

  125. This is GREAT!!!! I found this after I was searching if anyone else has ever had a mouse in their room!!!! We were FREAKED OUT!!!!!! It was about midnight when my husband and I were going to sleep. We heard scratching. My husband wanted to ignore it, but there was no way I was going to be able to sleep not knowing what was making that noise. I got up to check it out and then my husband reluctantly went to check it out so I wouldn’t have to (my hero). Unfortunately, we have some clutter in our room. So he moved some stuff I had in the corner of the room and ZOOOOMM!!! A HUGE yucky mouse (maybe rat, who knows, I was to busy SCREAMING:(() ran towards me!!! My screatching was SO loud, the mouse ran back toward my hunny!!!! I BEGGED my husband to go to the local 24hr Walmart (which is a 1/2 drive) to get some traps!!! He’s SO Awesome! He went, in spite of having to get up at 5:30 that morning to go to work!!! So he put the trap with peanut butter at the top end of our stairs leading to our room (we have an 1870 home w/attic bedroom). As soon as he came down to the livingroom and sat by me, we heard it! SNAP!!!!! Having mice invade your space is definately the most unsettling, gross, depressing, horrifying experience!!!! Reading all the stories on here made me not feel so bad!!! I felt like I was the only one with this disgusting problem!!!! It was very entertaining to read several comments and made me laugh too! So thanks to everyone who has an awesome sense of humor to a very disturbing event!!!! By the way…it’s a good idea to put the trap in a small cardboard box that lays flat on the floor so you don’t have to deal with the “mess”:)>-

  126. the average nest size is in direct relation too how filthy and food friendly your environment is.
    it is impossible for you too have 1 mouse,you could have up to a Battalion size grouping.500-800.
    put some food down in your kitchen,set a video camera up and go to bed the true beauty of these lovely furry animals will enchant.
    you americans you let real vermin like bush and cheney and rumsfeld run riot for years, and yet you oppress my brethren.
    learn to love them.

  127. Well, I’m finally following up on my March 23rd post. Well, the mouse is long gone. Unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly why. I set glue traps and snap and electric traps, some with peanut butter, some with cheese, some with dog treats) and cleaned out possible nesting areas. But I never caught any mice.

    I’m in a large old building with about 20 units in San Francisco near ocean beach. I’m on the 4th floor, the top floor, and they don’t often come all the way up here anyway. Other residents saw mice in March too. But no one else had one climbing the curtains in plain sight like I did. How audacious, right? Plain brazen, that little dude.

    Another resident left poison in her unit and some mice ate it and died there. I told her the blogs and websites say not to do that since they often go in the walls to die where they decay and attract smaller pests, and suggested that we only put poison outside and then keep all the common-area windows and doors closed. She just got mad, went on a crazy rant, and stormed off.

    Then, the building management sent a pest control pro. Didn’t seem like they did much. They put a few more glue traps around and some poison traps outside. I’m not sure if those caught any mice either.

    I’ve installed a unit door sweep and threshold to prevent critters from coming in that way. I’ve seen no mouse holes inside the unit, so I don’t think they can gain access that way. And I no longer hear them inside the walls, which is a great relief. Whoever coined the expression “quiet as a mouse” must have been deaf.

    A few months ago the city did some sewer work in the neighborhood, which probably explains why we had an increased mouse population for a while… Thank goodness the madness here is over, at least for now!


  128. I tried the humane traps and caught a mouse after a few days. Let it go over the road (didnt know bout the homing instinct then) and found the little bugger back in my spare room a week later. Managed to trap it again but the clever little mouse chewed his way out of the trap overnight. Didnt really want to kill it so went and bought a different type of humane trap and once again managed to catch it (this time releasing it a good 10 miles away wen i went shopping)

    Now a over a year later another invader has attacked my house. tried the humane traps again but after nearly 2 months not even a sniff of a mouse (my previous mousey tenant had obv warned his friends!)so had to go to the snap traps, sorry mousey but u just aint welcome. caught the little bugger after 2 nights with the help of chocolate spread and gladly chucked its mousey corpse in the bin. Kept all traps out for another few months and nothing has been seen or heard of Mickey’s friends. Until last nite that is, take myself up to bed after a particularly hard day just wantin to collapse under the duvet and as I got to my bed, another little bastard ran out from under it giving me a frigging heart attack! (and at 8 months pregnant I really do not need shocks like that!!!) After a very sleepless night on the sofa (there is no way I am sharing my bedroom with that little bugger)I put a snap trap down first thing this morning, not caught him yet but have cleared most of the floor space now, very carefully in case he attacks me again, and put everything onto my bed so the mouse hopefully casnt get onto them. Now gonna put 2 more traps down with bacon in one and gonna try golden syrup in the other as its the only sweet thing I have in the house. Hopefully he will get peckish before my bedtime cos I really dont fancy spending another sleepless nite on the sofa!!! So glad I googled ‘what’s the best food to put in a mouse trap’ this afternoon as this page has had my roaring with laughter!!!

    Let you all know how mousewatch goes. HE MUST DIE THOUGH!!!! Its me or him and I aint going anywhere!!!

  129. live and let live :d
    mice can be trained to be pets,they are super clever and just like you they react in a positive way to affection.
    in hindu scripture it says..
    der mices are very nice friends and brings you many much good lucks.
    do not trust der cat for he has a false face.
    der dog cos he is greedy and der human cos he is evil.

  130. After my huband catches the mice in the spring traps if they do not die all the way he stomps the on the head or drives a stick through them…bahahahahaha….dont want them to come back.

  131. carmen.
    what a lovely couple you and your husband bubba make,did you meet him in prison.
    are you one of those women that write to killers on death row.
    i am confused do you mean you have mice in your trailer.
    stop leaving your grits and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts around,purchase a hoover and clean up your squalor : )

  132. carmen you and your boyfriend have made the news.

    Rats Chew Off Baby’s Toes In Mobile Home
    3 hours 38 mins ago
    © Sky News 2009Print Story
    Three people have been accused of letting rats bite off a six-week-old girl’s toes at their mobile home in the US. Skip related content

    Pike County prosecutor Rob Junk said the baby’s toes on one foot had been gnawed away.

    Sheriff’s deputies went to the home in Ohio on Sunday after receiving an anonymous tip.

    The baby is recovering from her ordeal at a hospital in Columbus.

    A married couple and the 18-year-old boyfriend of the baby’s mother have been charged with endangering a child.

    They were in court for an initial hearing on Tuesday and are being detained pending a hearing in two weeks.

    The prosecutor said all the suspects lived in the mobile home, near Piketon, a village noted for its old uranium-enrichment plant.

    Mr Junk said the baby’s mother is a juvenile – he would not identify her or say if she will be charged.

  133. Little by little I’m shooting the gap into…the present and accepting that needing help is okay and any and all assistance will be noted and credit for helping will further advance everyone’s agendas. I live in Ohio and plan to create a web site for non-custodial parents to educate themselves and others who go through divorce or separation when children are involved. Too few men are good parents so that’s where I part ways with father’s rights orgs’so I must advocate for mothers and grandparents as well as extended family members. You are the best and I’ve been told your compassion for children and families equals if not surpasses your skill levels. My friends turned me onto your sites…and when I have a more solid picture for this project may I ask you questions about web design, hosting, advertising, etc.? Thank you in advance. My snail-mail address is: 123 Walter St. Springfield, Ohio 45506

  134. Okay, I seriously believe I have only one mouse (a big one). I refuse to accept the possibility of more right now. That’s just too much.
    Anyway, I’ve kept the house clean, put down glue traps (which don’t work- I think I saw a paw print in one but no mouse) and poison. Now, I know the mouse is eating the poison because it’s poop is green like it. But it’s been two weeks and it’s still running around the place like it’s happy living off the poison. Has anyone ever experienced this?
    I’m a student living in an apartment and I can’t deal with this. It’s so gross! Any further advice would be awesome.

    Great site by the way. HIL-A-RI-OUS!!! :d/

  135. danielle and the 1 mouse.

    first the fact is you have only seen one,mice are very social and live in big nests,in your flat probably 6 -12,you just see the fearless cheeky one.
    the poison is a conspiracy if it was a perfect ratio,you would only need to buy the company use less than a lethal dose to keep you buying product.
    my advice is look at him as a flat mate,befriend him.
    this is a genetically pure wholesome american mouse,it is not some kind of taliban or iraqi ninja mouse.
    he has as much right to live in peace as the native americans.
    why should you scots,irish,english,french,germans and swedes steal and claim america then victimise the true original settlers.

  136. This has got to be record for a blog.

    I’m trying the bacon tonight.
    I had one die in the evaporation tray under my fridge, and I think another one is living behind my bookcase. Little fucker hoarded my ferrets food.

    My wife was dusting and found a huge pile behind some books. She saw a piece of ferret food, picked up a book to check it out, and the pile cascaded onto floor freaking her out. It was slightly disturbing.

    The thing that gets me is ferrets are supposed to eat mice in the wild.

    Oh well.

    Bacon it is.

    I feel like Beavis playing with matches!!! >:)

  137. Sick fkers….mice are nasty and carry disease. Here is a list for all of you rat fkers
    Lyme disease
    Black Plaque

  138. I can relate to both sides of this issue. We have both types and traps in our house. I have just recently caught three of them in our metal cage trap in our kitchen. Though we did not kill them to catch them, we called the landlord who lives in the carriage house to pick them up and they eventually told us they feed the mice to their daughters snake. I had no problem with that. The rules of nature were applied.

    I would like to think I am evolved enough to not let the tendencies of my lower self cause my fears to override my growing sense respect and compassion for all living things. But once again it was put to the test. I barley had a sufficient amount of sleep to an annoying little mouse that was so desperate to find it’s way out off my room, (most likely he got in because my husband didn’t close the bedroom door completely when he left for work). Its constant movement had me glued to my bed with broom in hand until my husband came home from work. I thought to myself, I need to be ashamed of myself, letting this tiny little creature disrupt my evening. But I did not move off that bed until my husband went into action. I had two sticky traps set already with peanut butter smeared inside from a previous encounter but they were not going near them this time. My husband guided me to just be still and quite and wait for it to reappear. We watched the mouse for a few minute, (something I could not do before my husband came home). Once he figured out where the mouse was trying to go, he put another sticky tent exactly where the mouse was trying to find a way on top of the table. We slipped back to our bed, watched and waited with much anticipation. Within a matter of a few minutes, the mouse came back, taking the same route and walked right into the trap. It was a liberating moment for me. Now I could rest in peace, knowing the pesky thing was no more. Well, not totally in peace, I was a little disturbed watching my husband smack it with one swift blow to the head and scooping it up and taking it outside. All I could think to do was ask for forgiveness and pray for the little guy. As we prepared to lay our weary heads, wouldn’t you know it, we heard another one scamper across the floor. Minutes later he was over in the same area as the last one. I really do not want to go through this for another night. Sorry this was so long, but I needed to release the pent up anxiety from the whole ordeal. Thanks for listening.

  139. Well I see I’m not the only one here who, kills mice!
    P eople
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals

    I dont PETA would be of the same opinion if their homes were full of mice!

  140. some of you people are so cruel.answer me this why should a tiny mouse deserve to die when all it’s trying to do is survive?imagine you were a mouse in this freezing weather and found a warm place but it was full of death traps.would you want to die just because you have to do it to live?i have pet rats and they are so friendly.the mice you humanely trap can also become friends with some patients and kindness.i currently have 1 in my home and Jordan love me.i feed him part of my dinner every night just like my pet rats.he will even sit on my lap while i do things.there’s also a cheap way to humanely trap a mouse without really going out to buy anything you already use.all you need is a tall trash can,the tube of a toilet paper roll and some bait (also a peice of cardboard if you don’t have a place to set it that’s taller than the trash can).just flatten one side of the toilet paper roll and place it so it over a place that it can fall into the trash can.make sure that with the mouse’s added weight it will to bait on the overhanging edge and wait.the mouse will scurry to the treat one because they love tunnels and bcuase there’s food.when they step on it tips into the trash can and not you have a mouse that is trapped but alive and this can be reused (you might want to change the toilet paper roll first) and then you can take it away to live peacefully.i take mine with me to school since it’s far away and there are other mice there so it will have friends but i plan to keep Jordan

  141. Ok, I have been reading all of these replies to Lisa’s original in 2004…
    I have been laughing my ass off for over an hour! To all you people who whine about us “mice killers” – I hope the dirty little shitting pissing bastards crawl all over your bed and shit all over your house – enjoy (maybe I will start catching them “humanely”, you all can send me your addresses and I can mail them to you – First Class no doubt).

    I personally like a clean sanitary house and Stewart and his friends (like Jordan above) are not exactly tidy roommates. Mice are rodents – they are not domesticated house pets – they are filthy fucking house wrecking, shitting, pissing rodents. They are not pets – Rosebud, I hope your psychiatrist is aware of your filthy friends (you’d be better off with crackheads – at least they’d only steal from you…ok maybe they’d shit on the floor too…nonetheless I am sure they would be cleaner (somewhat).

    I had one little rodent run across my bed last night – I almost had a fucking heart attack….so although I feel kinda bad when the little fuckers get their necks snapped, it doesn’t stop me from trying to win the war. And they are smart these bastard mice, they catch on to the traps and sticky things…even the poison. The best idea I got from this sight was to use a glue gun to glue the bait down – that oughta make sure the little fuckers get snapped.

    Has anyone used “The Rat Zapper” – if anyone mentioned it so far I must have skipped over it…wondering if it really works.

    I HATE MICE – not because of what they are but because of what they do – okay because of what they are too lol dirty shitting pissing house wrecking little fuckers. We killed 8 last year, 4 this year and I hope we catch all the rest real soon.

  142. anjul…
    you remind me of those guys that show disgust about homosexuals and sometimes get violent,the anger is sometimes an outward projection of the internal chaos and sexual tendencies.
    if you have killed so many and see know end to the slaughter.
    i would suggest moving from your squalid tenement.
    carmen one of the the ladies above now has a very clean trailer in the swamp lands of louisiana.
    carmen and bubba her husband could probably rent you a room and you could have nice evening games like feeding gators the innocent mice and arm wrestling with carmen…

  143. mice may not be filthy but you know what with care they can be some of the best pets ever like a cat or a dog amybe you should try it Anjul.after all your saying we need a psychiatrist maybe if your making fun of us for CARING about things that were born for a reason then you should go to’s people like you who don’t care that are killing our world and people like the rest of us are trying to stop it.all these mice are doing is trying to find a warm place with food to support their families.sound farmiliar?it’s what people do when those mice come up and you have a real heart attack i will be sitting here laughing when you do.

  144. Adoyle,

    You mouse shit loving fool…

    Firstly, I am a woman.

    Secondly, My sister and aunt are both gay and I love them very much just as they are.

    Thirdly, you need to come out of the closet, accept being a homosexual and move forward in life. Don’t hate yourself for being you.

    Fourthly, I have a beautiful home and do not appreciate “renters” who shit, piss, destroy things and always forget to pay the rent.

    Last but not least, mice are dirty shitting pissing house wrecking rodents – who might I add, carry diseases.

    oh and I forgot…how about a cup of shut the fuck up.

  145. Rosebud,

    The “we” thing??? Do you mean you and the mouse/rat or are you speaking of you and your other personalities??? Is this really you Rosebud or am I talking to Ratgirl?

    I pay for my home, I pay to feed my children – I do not go sneak into someones house, wreck their belongings, steal food and leave shit and piss all over. Mice belong outside – if they want to live in my home they are going to have to be clean and pay rent…no freebies here.

    Don’t you sometimes wonder if chewing the restraints off your wrists each day just to pet your rodent friends…maybe isn’t worth it?



    Adoyle, amateur reporter (known closet homosexual) and mouse lover swept his one true love Rosebud off her (mouse/rat shit ridden) feet and scurried her and their entrouge of rodents…oops – I mean children…to a remote island.

    Sources say that all the supplies the happy couple took with them were:

    1) The book “Of Mice and Men”
    2) A picture of Mickey Mouse and
    3) Their favorite DVD “Pinky and the Brain” ( Adoyle says that Rosebud has always reminded him of Pinky and he himself is the brain of the operation”

    Although it has been reported that Adoyle himself has only one brain cell which will assist him in raising his brood, sources reveal that Rosebud may have as many as two (or 3 depending on how many alter personalities she has), leading this reporter to decipher that together their 3+ brains cells could pose as a dangerous threat if given the opportunity to ban together an army of rodents…

    Officials are asking that all “humane” trapping of mice stop immediately as fear is rising in the Oval Office that a takeover and reign of terror is being planned by Adoyle & Rosebud. There have been reports of the 3+ celled couple aligning and brainwashing rodents much like Hitler did with the “Boys of Brazil”.

    The Minister of Defense is advising all citizens to rid their homes, garages and outbuildings of any and all rodents – they do not want Adoyle and Rosebud recruiting soldiers for the island.

    The CIA has reported that there are “moles” currently on the island that have revealed that Adoyle and Rosebud have already saved over 130,000 tonnes of shit with which they intend to dump on the Oval office during takeover. Their sources also state that Adoyle runs around the island with an alligator head on a stick to ward off any unwanted visitors.

    So citizens please, do not be foiled by the rantings of these two rodent lovers, steer clear of the island and destroy as many of their allies as possible.

    Rodent Press 2010

  147. you people can make fun of me all you want but know this.mice can be pets.why else would they have a tank of them both in the pet food section for snakes but also have another in the same section as birds, hampsters and ginea pigs?mice are scavengers that pick up the food we carelessly leave in their reach.hunam soicety has grown so lazy (incase you haven’t notice).all my pets i have had have chosen me and my family
    Pinky (rat)-climbed out of the tank at jack’s pets and aquarium when i was there to get cat food and followed me everywhere (R.I.P.)
    Oscar (cat)-trampled the other kittens to be with us
    Whiskers (cat)-kept pulling on my hood of my jacket when i tried to leave,he’s a great mouse/bird catcher
    Chloe (cat)- wouldn’t let another family near her
    Sydney (rat)-crawled out of her cage to sit with me at petsmart (R.I.P.)
    Alice (rat)-just about broke her leg to get to us
    Zoey (rat)-shy at first but was the bravest of the petts then and came to us
    and Kiki (last rat)-followed us home

  148. Rosebud,

    First of all , I am surprised you have internet connection on the island – how is Adoyle doing? Is he still running around like the kids in “Lord of the Flies”?

    You are so cruel! I can only assume that it was your cat Whiskers who killed your rats – why would someone who loves rodents so much have a cat who is a “great mouse catcher”. Along with your multiple purrsonalities, might you also have a Pied Piper complex? You seem to think all the rats want to follow you home…

    I may catch and kill pissing shitting mice humanely (a quick snap of the neck) but you…you sicko, you watch your domesticated cats injure, play with, taunt and kill your other “pets”. Gawd that is mean. Maybe you and Adoyle should bring a Rat Terrier to the island, then you could have even more fun watching it and Whiskers hunt, injure, taunt and finally kill all your other pets. Some people.

    So do you live in a cathouse…or a rathouse? oops I guess the answer is both. Must be those multiple personalities – rat lover, cat lover, mouse lover, mouse killer, rat killer.

    P.S. Watch out for Jordan – Whiskers is on the prowl….

  149. my cat Whiskers did not kill my rats he has caught mice and birds and even a vole but Pinky died of old age at four years old, Sydney died of a bad heart and Kiki (R.I.P. just this afternoon) died of respitory problems in her hat inside my cage.Also i’m not on any island so you might as well give up saying that.i admit i used to think mice were gross and didn’t like them but then i got Pinky almost 10 years ago and i changed my mind after all rats are only big mice and just so you people know Pinky actually had rule over our cats (currently living with my parents, except Oscar whom we gave to a family who had the time to keep him fully groomed.he was a himalayan cat).Chole wants nothing to do with mice and would rather catch cicadas and other bugs and Kiki did not just follow me home.she was someone’s pet who came to our house at 11 o’ clock at night in a she found us i don’t know but i no longer really own the cats.that’s when i got the rats.i do not kill any of them purposly.i cannot stand the sight of a dead mouse or anything dead.when i opened one of my human traps and saw a mouse in there after i forgot to check them i was horrified.i am an animal lover and would never purposly harm any animal i’m not some deranged lunatic.infact i’m in school with straight A’s, never failed a grade and in high school so when i have my own buisness and you people are desperate for jobs i will be laughing and who knows if your lucky i’ll let you work there as a janitor

  150. Rosebud,

    I am sorry – but not surprised – that you live in a cage. Poor dirty rat bastard Kiki having to live in it with you(s). I think the term deranged lunatic would be a misdiagnosis for you – sounds more like multiple personality disorder with a little psychopathy and schizo tendencies on the side. Living with rats in a cage?

    I didn’t realize they let you folks in institutions use computers – times are a changing.

    They even provide you with schooling? wow! and let you keep your rats and shitting pissing mice in your cage with you! Sounds like a haven. Unfortunately kiddo (you are probably 50 or so) I don’t think you get straight A’s – unless you are in grade 4, as your vocabulary, spelling and use of grammar leave a little to be desired.

    Was it really worth chewing the wrist restraints off to type your response to me?…oops sorry, you probably had one of your pets do the chewing.


  151. Adoyle,

    I’m a German and my province doesn’t house rats, only shitting, pissing, house wrecking mice. If the Hindi people like and find rats sacred – good for them and each to his own.

    I personally would smash their dirty rat ass heads in with a bat if they ever were to come in my house – disgusting bastards.

    There is a place on earth for everything and you, Rosebud and all the sacred rodents can continue to live harmoniously on your island. Say hi to Mrs. Frisby for me but tell her not to come near my humble abode – or she’ll end up more than just blind like her tiny counterparts.


  152. you know what?just becuase i like animals and don’t want to kill mice doesn’t make me anything you call me and i say my cage becuase I’M THE ONE WHO PAYED FOR IT!!kiki only wanted to cuddle with me and no i don’t live in an institute and also yes i’m in high school one i’d rather be in an instiute than there though but i pretty sure you would if you knew what it’s like there.the mice in my high school don’t bother me but behind the blackboards there are layers and layers of live cockroaches crawling ontop of dead ones.anyone who agrees that for sure cockroaches need to be destroyed then i will not fight you on that high school is over 50 years old and in a cornfield so ya i would much rather be in the places you’ve been saying i live in or belong in then at Pleasent View or as the rest of us call it P.V. becuase that place is not pleasent just like the way you’re talking about people who happen to not want to kill a mouse

  153. suspicious name anjul,a good job you were not around during the Nacht der langen Messer.
    you really sound like you could of been the perfect Lebensunwertes Leben material.
    so be thankful the fuhrer and his henchmen were not around to terminate your criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane, weak and pointless bavarian life.
    the rats will have the last laugh on you, when your in the ground and they will be eating your rancid bloated beer filled belly.

  154. Adoyle,
    i applaud the way you are handling this arguement unlike Anjul.i understand you may not have the same views as me but at least you are not jumping starigh to conclusions with simple things said and possible mistakes in typing.we are all human therefore we are not perfect and everyone has the right to their own thoughts wether some may be cruel or not.

  155. hey leave Rosebud alone i dont care what you think. i like rats as pets so what of it. its a living breathing animal and does not need all this discrimanation and if you cant accept this you can go to hell

  156. oh and Anjul we dont care that you live in a garbage filled apartment with small creatures who are as disgusting as you are so maybe you should scamper off to you little hole and leave society to real people

  157. Rosebud and Doyle,

    It has been a pleasure to make you both look like fools. Rosebud, I feel sorry for you – I too wish you were committed to an institute. Adoyle, me thinks you are full of the same thing that the mice leave all over the house – again, accept yourself for who you are and come out of the damn closet. It is okay to be gay Adoyle, you can be yourself and quit hiding behind the walls like Rosebuds’ cockroaches…oh wait maybe you should stay there – the world would be a much safer place.

  158. anjul,
    i believe we have only one fool here and a bloated bavarian one at that.
    if you have rats running across you bed at night,then i can only imagine you live in your own rotten filth.
    rats and mice like an easy meal.
    clearly your lodgers have very bad taste,
    if they are eating the dregs of your rancid boiled cabbage and Bratwurst.
    before you kill another one maybe you should check it’s racial purity.
    you could be killing the rare pure aryan bavarian rattus norvegicus.

  159. i’m glad to see someone is on my side.i thank you Eclipse and am glad you see my point here and also don’t go to the length that Anjul has trying make others feel bad about themselves to make herself (i seriously don’t believe you really are a woman judging by the way you have been talking to the rest of us).truely you are the same as the schoolyard bully and since anjul you don’t seem to be able to read anything right the cockroaches are not behind my walls or any walls infact they are behind the CHALKBOARDS at a 50 year old school and truely i don’t have multiple i have explaied cats did not kill my pets at all.i no longer own cats and i hated mice before i got any rats as pets from a pet store.none of my pets were from the wild in any way.some where adopted from shelters and others were observably someone’s lost or unwanted pets that their foormer owners failer to claim so before you go saying these things about people maybe you should learn more about them and stop causing pain to people to make you feel batter about your own terrible life or better yet take the coward’s way out and commit suicide

  160. Adoyle and Rosebud,

    I made my original comment on here because I wanted to – freedom of speech – ever heard of it? It was you too mice/rat shit pissing lovers who commented – rudely may I add- that started all of this. Nothing I saud was directed at either of you…originally.

    The sad part is that I am smarter, richer and obviously a much more sanitary person than either of you shit loving freaks – and I stooped to your levels by responding – for which I give myself three lashes with a wet noodle.

    I only have three more things to say:

    1) Adoyle you are obviously a waste of skin – God help you. I guess I could call you a piece of shit …but shit has purpose whereas you don’t.

    2) Rosebud you bacteria, crawl back on to the infested tampon you originally crawled off of and enjoy living in your cage with your rats.

    3) If you are both so fucking wonderful and have such fulfilling lives then why the need to respond to my particular comment in the first place? Fuck you both and everybody who looks and/or thinks like you.

    Shalom shit lovers.

  161. Eclipse,

    Your comments are not even worth replying to – you obviously have the IQ of a rock.

    Here’s a cup of “shut the fuck up” for you hon.


  162. WOW has this gotten crazy! From PETA, to mousekillers, to some nutjob accusing Anjul of being a Nazi because he doesn’t like mice! Gotta love the internet.

    Like so many others, I was led to this site by a Google search, and what an entertaining discovery it’s been. Thanks to one and all and to Lisa for hosting this multi-year, transnational mouse-killers convention!

  163. Anjul- do not let this entertaining and enduring blog degenerate with your creepy hateful messages. I read this entire thing and I think you are the only person who attacked people personally (Okay, ADoyle did but in an intelligent amusing way that even the target of his wit would have to laugh about).

    I am a vegetarian and I understand the empathy towards mice, but I can’t abide the mice peeing and pooping in my home and seeing those guys was causing a primal reaction in me- screaming, etc. So I found myself, the other night, applying disgusting bacon to snap-traps using gel superglue. My mice are smart and don’t go near my food or sink or any of the food I have left in traps. They leave scat in strange places, like tables, beds, closets. I was trying for 3 months to get rid of them and finally got two after reading this blog. I put 6 large glue traps together (about 2 feet by 2 feet of glue) in a path where I had seen them traveling often. I know there are more…but at least I got two.

  164. I have a very fast and disguisting mice all over my house and I need to know if a Rat Zapper really works, H E L P…. I suffer with ashtma and this little sore came throught the back door and I can’t catch him.

  165. hey Anjul i think your the one who needs to be in a mental hospital.i’ve been reading this and rosebud was here first minding her own buisness and trying to solve this peacefully but then you go and start to insult her.maybe it’s you who has the iq of a rock for insulting someone who stands up for others.for all we know your probably the closet homo or a rapist.we don’t know you for real and who knows maybe some of us could get along if we could put this behind us.oh and before i forget.from what i’ve read you seem to be mis understanding what is being said.pets many times choose their owners as well as the owners can no longer keep them.from what i read rosebud doesn’t have the cats and they did not kill her other pets.people here are only trying to say what they believe and if you try to stop that you will be arrested for violating people’s right s of freedom of the bill of rights

  166. I’m with Lisa – kill ’em. I tried giving mine the humane option, where they could have gone to live in a far away park, but they wouldn’t take it. Now I don’t want to get sick from their droppings and wee, which cannot be contained or controlled ‘humanely’ so die they must. I’m so tired of sentimental claptrap – we are talking about health and sanitation, not recreation. It may seem ridiculous to talk about survival against a mouse, but it wasn’t ridiculous in the Middle Ages – you may not get the black plague but there are plenty of other ailments they carry and strew about the kitchen.

  167. I’m with JD on that one. They spread disease, having them around is simply not healthy. The humane option is not necessarily the most effective.

  168. I was reading this and I am just really fed up with the mouse in my apartment. It just won’t go away! The funny thing about it is I’ve lived in my apartment 4 5 years and only had one mouse when I first moved in and never again after plugging up the holes near tje radiator. But now when I’m a week away from moving out I encounter a mouse who has chewed thru the Styrofoam caulking and made it into my apartment. Very uncool! Been using glue traps with peanut butter but I’m ready 2 just move on and leave the mouse there. The problem is he keeps running around @ night waking me up. I’ve gone crazy and my 3 yr old is scared. I also have a 9 month old. Should I call the exterminator or just wait it out?

    1. Mice are vermin and they carry disease; isn’t YOUR health more important than worrying about preserving their diseases? Also, they can ruin important paper, books, artwork, packaged food, etc. What’s the big deal in standing up for your right to be vermin-free, not to mention the associated costs if/when they destroy things in your home? Snap-traps are the most effective.

  169. When people worry about rights of rats, we as a country are in trouble.

    I bet most of those here that are against people killing rats and mice feel that abortion is O.K.

    I had a 12″ rat jump out of my gas grill last weekend,and he’s getting a block of bait daily.

    I will try bacon in the trap,as peanut butter is being eaten w/o springing the trap.

    Anjul is cool!

  170. Oh my gosh, this is extremly entertaining. There are a lot of crazies out there. For those you interested I just read that if you put lint or cotton balls in the traps it will attract the female pregnant mice and you can stop the breeding.

  171. Thanks for the bacon and hot glue suggestions, folks! They’ve been getting better at eating the peanut butter out of the traps.

    Having trouble with mice in our 150-year old house. Lots of places for them to get in–I try to seal up the holes but there must be plenty of them. Ai-ya, the poop!! Surprised my dreams aren’t littered with mouse turds. I’ve moved the food into the higher kitchen cabinets, but they keep surprising me with what they can get into and what they consider food (birthday candles!). I found a little pile of shredded paper under the living room sofa–they had eaten most of a catalog that was printed on organically-produced paper with soy-based ink. Yum!

    I draw the line at glue traps on account of not wishing them a slow, agonizing death, but I’ve caught plenty in the conventional traps. At least with the spring-loaded traps they are likely to die quickly.

    The more poop I have to clean up, the less hesitant I am about killing the little beasties. Once I spotted movement in a trash bag and proceeded to stomp vigorously on the bag. Only managed to injure the mouse, which scurried away on its three good legs. Caught that one in a trap later. Another time I spotted one under the microwave and sprayed it with Lysol (there was a can within arm’s reach). It leapt out in a panic and proceeded to drown itself in the sink. Oh dear. I may have blinded the poor thing.

    Though when I found one in an empty soda bottle, I took it to the edge of the backyard and let it go. My husband later opined that I should have drowned it, or replaced the cap and let it suffocate, but I’d looked into its beady-yet-cute little eyes and lost my nerve.

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