Thursday Thirteen


Thursday Thirteen

  1. I’m giving this Thursday Thirteen a try because Leanne is making me do it. I’m not normally a ‘meme’ type of person – that type of stuff requires waaaay too much comittment on my part. Kind of like the same reason I don’t get hooked on any TV shows – – if I have to remember to watch it the same time every week? I’m hopeless . . there’s no way I can even commit to a TV show much less a Thursday Thirteen! But, here I am – doing it.. making no promises that this is the first of many
  2. I was late picking Chris up from the airport today. I had planned to tell a fib and say I got stuck in traffic – – but as I was answering his phone call (probably trying to figure out where on earth I was) . . I answered the phone just as the Starbuck’s lady says “And here is your triple grande lattee, Ma’am – thank you!”. Oops – I was SO busted!
  3. Chris came home today after being gone for 3 weeks. Bubba (our kitten) peed on his suitcase. That’s what he gets for leaving us alone that long. I was gonna pee on his suitcase – but Bubba had the idea first. Not one to be a follower, I opted not to pee. This time.
  4. I got invited to a suprise birthday party for my brother. It’s on Saturday night. He’s going to be 40. Black balloons anyone?
  5. I’m seriously considering putting up a notice telling folks that we are booked and aren’t taking on any new orders until mid-December. I’m swamped. Buried. Crazy. But loving it, and probably won’t put the kabash on new orders because I’m a masochist.
  6. Speaking of work – E.Webscapes underwent Phase One of it’s new facelift this week. Phase Two and Three are coming in the upcoming weeks
  7. More work . . I’m considering hiring an assistant. Not sure how to proceed – but it’s becoming totally necessary to hire on someone to help me with the processing of orders, answering of emails and handling the day to day things. It’s getting pretty hairy, man! More hiring coming up…..yes, could very well be! I’m in the consideration phase at the moment.
  8. Yet more work… my Dad called me the other day and told me that the company he’s working for wants/needs a website done. He recommended his daughter to handle the work. Awwwww, isn’t that sweet??
  9. No more work . . . we got our official 2005-06 season ski passes today!! Snow, please?
  10. We’re going to New York for Thanksgiving this year. The kids get to meet Chris’s mom for the first time – and it’s during this time that we’ll be making some serious wedding plans. I’m hoping to get the invitations out by the end of the year. No later!
  11. My daughter, Melissa, is standing up with me as one of my bride’s maids. How uber-traditional is THAT?? My Maid of Honor is Leanne. Oh what to wear?? What to wear??
  12. We ran out of firewood. Last year we ordered two cords of wood. That’s a LOT of wood! We ran out today, used the last piece. Time to order more. I’m procratinating because I had that they back into the driveway and dump the wood in a big pile. Then we have to stack it in our wood holder thingy. I guess that’s why I have teenagers, eh?
  13. I made it to THIRTEEN. I even did it before midnight – so it’s offiicially Thursday’s Thirteen. I rock.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

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  3. we need to order more wood too, and i’m delaying it for the very same reason. if only it came already stacked.
    i’m still fairly new to this 13 thing as well, i’m terrible with doing things on the computer but this has really been teaching me alot, forcing me to learn how to do links, get a chance to visit other links, it’s alot of work, but i’m enjoying it.

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  5. Welcome to the Thursday! I have DVR handle all my TV needs so I have more time for memes 😉

    New York for Thanksgiving, that sounds so neat! Wow 🙂

  6. Ok, so it’s Saturday, and I’m late, as usual! :((

    BUT….if you’re still looking for an “assistant”, I could be interested….let me know!

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