This is your cat on salad


I found this on the kitchen table this morning. It was leftover from last night’s dinner. Apparently the teenaged boy who lives in my house thinks ‘cleaning up the kitchen’ after dinner means clearing off the table of everything except the plate of lettuce leafs.

This is lettuce:

This is my cat:

This is my cat on lettuce:

Yes, folks – – this is the scary reality of what happens when you leave your cat alone . . unsupervised . . with a plate full of lettuce. DON’T let your cats try this at home! Plead with them – – JUST SAY NO!

Short of that – – make sure to lock up the lettuce in the lettuce cabinet and don’t be afraid to talk with your cat . . openly, honestly – – and keep your eyes open and remain keenly aware of a growing problem in your home.

Off to enroll Meowface into Lettuce-Anon.


He just doesn’t look like the type, ya know?

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9 thoughts on “This is your cat on salad”

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  3. My Doberman loves grapes… weird freaking dog. Mind you if it came to a toss up between a grape and a kleenex I don’t know which she would go for.

  4. We had a cat (whilest I was a young lad) that got into an open drawer and found the BOX of catnip… naturally, the timing was so perfect that no one was home for the day.

    We found the cat lying in the drawer stoned, literally. When picked up, he resemebled the boneless-cat from Peanuts.

    He slept a lot the next 2 days, but then was back to his normal self. We never bought cat nip again.

  5. My cat actually meows in front of the fridge door until I give her lettuce. Well, actually she prefers the bagged mixed baby lettuces. She doesn’t like the frisee, but she LOVES arugula. crazy cat.

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