This is what I get . . .


. . . for being a pack rat! I have boxes full of stuff in the garage and in our storage that are just FULL of things I can’t let go of. Dolls from childhood, kids clothes, postcards, and all sorts of stuff I haven’t looked at in YEARS.

Last week – for whatever reason, I got into a conversation with Chris (the man in my life) and Ben (my son) about scary movies. I can’t really remember what we were talking about – but we got on the topic of dolls as horror objects. I told a story about a clown that I had as a kid.

It was Bozo. Anyone remember Bozo? Yea – well, I had a Bozo the Clown doll. It was actually handed down to me by my sister – – it was made in 1962. Maybe she had problems with the doll, as well…..(?)

I told them the story about how I once saw a movie – – or maybe it was an episode of the Twilight Zone – – where a little girl had a clown doll that came alive in the night and stalked her in her bedroom until the one time, he dragged her into the closet and she was never seen or heard from again! I told them how, after seeing that movie as a kid, I used to put a blanket over the clown’s head so it couldn’t stare at me as I lay in my bed trying to sleep. To this day – the image of that Bozo clown doll STILL creeps me out!

That clown doll freaked the heck out of me – – until one day I packed in a box and stuffed it in the back of my closet. Chris and Ben laughed at me and scoffed – but! That solved the problem. That clown was never to be seen again!

Until . . .

I walked into my office today – and GUESS WHO IS SITTING IN MY OFFICE CHAIR???


Staring at me with those eyes!!!

My son dug through all my crap packed in storage and in the garage and found Bozo!! And as a joke, put him in my office chair so it would be the first thing I saw when I went into my office to work!

So now this is the little joke around here, I guess. I removed Bozo from my office. Hours later, I’m sitting at my computer – and out of the corner of my eye, what do I see?

That damn clown! Sitting on the corner of my bed staring at me in my office!!!

I remove him, immediately!

A few hours later – – as I was working on a new template for a client – – I must have been working pretty hard . . concentrating so much that I didn’t see when it was that Bozo came back into my office … because now he is sitting on top of my CD rack.


Hellllllllllp me!

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21 thoughts on “This is what I get . . .”

  1. OMYGOD my brother had a clown similar to that. My mom kept him in a rocking chair in my brother’s room. Everytime I walked down the hall I would grab the clown and throw it in the closet.

    An hour or two later, it would be back in the rocker. Now, I know it was my mom “tidying” up, but it still wigged me out.

    I hate clowns TO THIS DAY!

  2. OMG! My brother-in-law has terrible fear of clowns, too! His birthday is just around the corner,so don’t be surprised if you see a huge clown picture on my blog one day!:twisted:

  3. OMG – what a great story. Also, remember in Poltergeist (god that movie freaked me out, esp all the bodies coming out of the ground in the end) when that doll came out from under the bed! EEEK!

  4. Oh my, I would have nightmares for weeks and weeks! Clowns have freaked me out ever since I watched Killer Klowns from outer space and IT in the same night. Heebie Jeebies I say! BTW I love your page!:lol:

  5. Out at sea whaling, I spend a lot of time killing time, and this is the exact sort of well-written, witty sanctioned voyeurism (i.e. blog) that I keep my eye out for. I’ll drop anchor here again, thanks.

  6. Shannon’s comment has me laughing. I never had a problem with clowns and always thought it was amusing sooo many people hate them and think their scary. Do you guys freak when a Ronald McDonald commerical comes on?

  7. lol Michael.

    Well, luckily – I was able to tolerate Bozo long enough to find a new hiding place for him. He is in the land of no return now!

    mmmmmwwwhahahahaha 😈

  8. I hate clowns, too! They’re freaky and I will never think differently. As a kid, my cousin had a baby doll that said “mama” when you squeezed her. That thing used to go off at night when no one was touching her. Scared us so bad we chopped it up and threw it away.

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