This is my brain on quiet


So, Chris is in Chicago, on business. My son is out with his friends and my daughter is out with her friends. The house is quiet, except for the low howl of the freezing cold wind outside. It is ridiculously cold here in Wisconsin – today was the second day in a row that they closed the schools because of the subzero temperatures. So, I decide to leave my office.. grab my laptop and head into my bedroom where we have a cozy sitting corner with and overstuffed sofa and chair, TV and, most importantly, a fireplace. I started a huge fire, flipped on the TV and settled on the sofa with my laptop and proceeded to finish some writing on this project.

Yet…..this is not working. I’m getting distracted by just about everything. It’s just so …. quiet. My senses are offended by the utter lack of noise and chaos that two teenagers bring to the every day goings on in a house. Is this what I have to look forward to when they grow up and move away? Will the quiet drive me insane.. or will I just be destined to be distracted by the lack of noise for the rest of my remaining days? Do you ever get used to it after spending their lifetime in the midst of the lives of busy, active children?

I realize how strange this is…I should be embracing the solitude, no? Enjoying the rare moment of peace and quiet. Is it possible that I’m not able to concentrate without three billion other things going on around me? Normally, there are phones ringing off the hook, teenagers arguing in the background, music blaring, more arguing, constant interruptions from the kids followed by interruptions by the husband….it goes on and on.

But tonight? There is none of that. There is a void, and a huge one, at that. Does this mean I have completely lost my sense of self if I find it hard to function without being needed and constantly being poked on the shoulder by someone requiring my attention.

I seriously need to concentrate on my writing – would someone make some noise around here so I can concentrate?

6 thoughts on “This is my brain on quiet”

  1. That’s right, baby. I’ll be there… 😛

    I like your introspective posts, they appeal to the introspective part of me. You have no idea how hard (huh huh, I said “hard”) it was for me to be a smart ass instead of getting all sappy on you. Heh.

  2. Jeannette – when I am introspective and you are sappy.. we’ll need a few doses of prozac to get us through, so count me glad that you went the sarcastic direction, rather than the sappy one lol

  3. Fred – uh….the short answer to that one? No.


    Though I do feel the edges of the empty nest syndrome sneaking in as we are a mere 7 months away from my oldest’s 18th birthday (and he SWEARS he’s moving on ON.THAT.DAY.) – I think I’d rather get another cat. :p

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