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I’m having the worst case of over-active insomnia EVER. It all started with that pain in my neck last week. I was having the most difficult time sleeping because I couldn’t find a comfortable spot where my neck wasn’t killing me. Last week, I rarely slept at all because of it.

Now this week – – the pain in my neck is about 60% better . . . but I’ve gotten myself into such a horrid sleep cycle that the insomnia is threatening to take away my sanity. Ok – so it’s not all that dramatic . . but it is 6:30 am and I’m still wide awake, contemplating coffee and not sleeping at all today with the hope that by evening, I will be SO exhausted that I will finally doze off at a normal time this evening.

Think it will work? Let’s hope so!

I’m on a marathon keep-Lisa-awake-until-at-least-10pm fest today. Besides caffiene – – any bright ideas??

Flight PunditI do have plenty of work to keep me occupied, that is for sure. However, staring at code all day long doesn’t really set the stage, if ya know what I mean? I did get some work done over night over at Flight Pundit. Michael is the newest member to the Blogs About Buddies roll! He’s a marine on active duty – – so go on over and give him a big thank you! That is, when he starts blogging – – I highly doubt he started blogging since I sent him his blog activation email at around 4:30 am – – but ya never know! 😀

Ok. Caffiene first. Then . . . ?

9 thoughts on “This Can Stop Anytime Now”

  1. Work tends to put me to sleep, but decorating for the holidays sounds like a wonderful idea! Hope you can stay awake today and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  2. I can’t wait to see that guy’s first posts….looks like a GREAT addition to the neighborhood and I can’t wait for him to get started!!! WOW what a great design.

  3. Well, uhm, Chris is around today, right? Maybe you and he could have a sex-a-thon today … that would be like sexercising all day. Then you’d be nice and tired AND ready to sleep, for sure, guaranbamtee you, tonight.

    Just a thought. Carry on.

  4. Lisa, for my insomnia I have just started taking one tablet of 3mg, timed-release melatonin.

    It seems to have helped me push back my “bedtime”.

    I’ve not seen any contraindications, but to be honest, I haven’t surfed that much for info on it.

    I’ve been there — hang in, girlfriend!

    Happy Thanksgiving, honey!


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