These Are The Days of Our Blogs


Well, isn’t this just a tad ridiculous.

Take a group of hard working bloggers who have worked together for a good and worthy cause – – throw in some drama, boobs, testosterone and link whoring — and you’ve got yourself a good old fashioned soap opera, blog-style.

The whole entire exchange is pathetic, quite honestly. No matter who started it, why, when or how. What is getting lost is the purpose behind it all. The Spirit of America. Is the link above showing the true Spirit of America? Frankly, I hope not.

I jumped in at the last minute with an offer for the auction because I thought it was a worthy cause. I did a direct donation, myself, a week or so ago. Soldiers abroad who need our help. Heros who have put their lives on the line for our freedom…who have called out to us, Americans. We answered. The Spirit of America: The Liberty Coallition answered the call. They raised gobs of money for these freedom fighters in our nations military. They did an excellent job at it, too. In the end, it’s not going to matter who said what about who — what’s going to matter is that the donations given by well meaning and patriotic bloggers everywhere are going to make a difference where it counts.

Who really gives a shit who said what about who?

I still do think it’s a worthy cause – – so I’m not about to pull out my auction offering (of course, there are no takers on it….oh well) – – however, I have to say that it is making me think twice about ever doing something like this again. The exchange I’m watching from the leaders of this organization are almost making me regret that I got involved, even on the very minimal level that I did.

Boobs, sex, whores, sexual inequality in the blogosphere – – mighty, mighty petty in comparison to what the entire thing was about to begin with. Next time, I think I’ll mind my own business and keep to myself.

Just one girls opinion.

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5 thoughts on “These Are The Days of Our Blogs”

  1. When the doofuses (doofi?) in Big Media complain about blogs being on the level of high-school diaries, this is exactly the sort of incident they’re going to cite.

    I don’t blame you in the least for wanting to distance yourself from the whole affair.

  2. Don’t get depressed about this. You’re starting to sound like a newbie. I’ve been at this for about two years and these little feuds happen. The blogosphere is a community of sorts and these things will happen. Try not to let it bother you.

  3. Not a newbie – just someone who never got involved in blog cliques…either here or at my other blog at Right Voices. So I guess this thing just took me aback a bit and reminds me why I don’t get involved in cliques to begin with, either directly – or indirectly 🙂

    Thanks, Robert – I’ll keep my depression in check 😉

  4. Lisa,

    Just get a couple of hard-headed men (Spoons and Hawkins) and a couple of similar women (Meryl and Michele) and these kind of purgings are inevitable, but just like family it’s soon forgotten. Most of the time, anyway. Some never reconcile and a new clique is formed.

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