Theme Day


Ever have a theme day in your house? Not on purpose. Just totally in advertent?


Well let me tell you about our theme day here in this house: Cats and Coffee.

Cat and Coffee – Take One:

I’m walking up the stairs with a 1/2 full cup of coffee in my hand. Bubba (our white and tan) is following me and doing the cute cat curling between my feet, looking up at me, wanting me to pick him up. He is very persistent – and I, not being the most graceful person in the world, trip over him. Coffee goes flying up in the air and dumps all over Bubba. Good thing it was lukewarm coffee! I wish I could’ve taken a picture – but Chris wanted to get him in the shower right away before the coffee stained his white fur. (not sure it would..but whatever) – – while Chris and Bubba are in the shower…I’m left to clean up the splashes of coffee all over the wall, floor and carpet.

We get Bubba situated. I re-make a cup of coffee for myself and head downstairs and into my office to start a bit of work. That brings us to….

Cat and Coffee: Take Two:

I like candles. I have them going in my office almost all the time. So, I sit down at my desk. Brought out my favorite Asian Spice candle and set it on the desk in front of me. I light it. I turn to put the matches back on the shelf – – then I was going to put the candle up where I couldn’t knock it off (not graceful, remember?). In the split second that I turned to put the matches away and turned back to put the candle up – – cat #2, Meowface (our black and white) jumps up onto my desk, unaware of the candle. This cat is HUGE – he weighs in at 22lbs total. He hops up on my desk, right over the burning candle! It doesn’t take him but a second to realize it and he starts jumping and spazzing out all over my desk….dumping my full cup of coffee right into my lap. There I sit with the smell of burning cat hair lingering in the air, and a full cup of coffee drenching my brand new pink PJ’s.

The cat is ok. Both of them are ok. We have a third cat, his name is Talis. After ‘Cat and Coffee: Take Two’ – Chris took Talis into his own office to lock him in there for safety purposes, and says “Do you think I can go sit down now and get some work done without you screaming and terrorizing our cats every few minutes??”


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