The Plague


Can any of you guys spare a couch and a pillow? I don’t take up much room. I don’t eat much. I clean up after myself – – you’ll hardly know I’m there at all!

I’m considering locking up my house — barracading the doors and quarrantining it to save the general public from the plague that has crept into my house.

Chris: It appears he has a touch of food poisoning… probably from the chicken sandwich from McDonald’s the other day.

Ben: Taking new antibiotics for his acne. He is acting like he’s having major surgery or something. Two pills a day. That’s all.

Melissa: Double ear infection. Strep throat. Fever 102. Poor kid — she’s pathetic, really.

All of the people in my house are incredible babies when it comes to any type of illness at all from allergies to full blown flu/cold season. All of ’em! They all act like they are dying — and the amount of whining that takes place — you’d swear this was a preschool!

They were all trying to come up with conspiracy theories as to why I’m the only healthy one.

Yes, that’s right. I planted the plague in the water supply here so I could spend a week listening to their wails and whines, right?

Uh huh.

Could be that I’ve spend a lifetime working in health care and I’ve been exposed to everything.

I dunno.


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11 thoughts on “The Plague”

  1. Chris should have known to stay away from the chicken at McDonald’s after the month we have had down here. 😉

    It’s time for you to point out where the meds are then take the boat to the lake.

    Wait. That was #14 talking…

  2. I here you,, 17 years in Healthcare and I don’t get sick too often but I get to here all about it whenever my hubby get’s a cold.

  3. You’re welcome to come to my house. 🙂

    I guess your daughter isn’t chasing her boyfriend at the moment, eh?

    Sorry everybody’s sick. (hug)

  4. Hey, you know I wouldn’t leave you out on that cold, hard couch… :wink::twisted::wink::twisted:

    Hmmmm. Maybe now’s the right time to invite Scotty over to meet all of the family… :twisted::mrgreen:

  5. I never complain about astro sucking up. I worry when he doesn’t 😉

    Do I smell? Do I offend? Do I have too many gray hairs showing?

    It’s a little neurosis of mine that’s been going on for about two years now. :mrgreen:

  6. Oh . . and Scotty is coming over Friday for a day on the lake followed by a BBQ.

    We’re going to be doing some waterskiing. Depending on how it goes will depend on whether he gets to be behind the boat, or in front of it. 😈

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