The On-Call Blues


It must be my Adult ADD – at least that’s what I’m blaming it on. Either that, or I’m just flat-out insane.

Believe what you want — the rumors aren’t true!

Today, I was (still am) on call for work.

Being the only on-call nurse for Hospice when there are 80 patients that span 4 different counties is no small task, let me just say. I know, I know – – you’ve all heard me whine incessantly about this before. You must say to yourself, “Lisa…then why do it?” Well, I only have to do call about 4-6 times a month, so it’s not that bad, really – – not when I weigh out the good and bad with this job….the good definitely wins. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go out on any calls today…….yet. Although I did take a gazillion and one phone calls and was able to either triage them over the phone — or dispatch one of our LPN’s to visit the patient. This is what I consider to be a good day on call. I only have about 11 more hours to go. Wish me luck!

In-between phone calls – I was busy with Robert’s site. I didn’t do the template on this one – – he already has a perfectly nice looking, and functional template. What I did do was convert his site over from MT to WordPress. No small task, really – – his site is quite large, with quite a few (read: tons) of different elements to it. The conversion went very well…seamlessly, if I do say so myself. Just a few different pulls and tweaks, per Roberts specs (he called it “nibbling me to death” – I just call it tweaks n’ stuff)…he and I got it up and running in no time at all.

At his site, I also implemented one of the easiest, most perfect, WP hack that I’ve come across so far. This MT Archive Redirect Script written by Alex – and I just want to say that this hack works so absolutely flawless and perfect – – it almost brings this geek girl to tears.

Aside from the Hospice phone calls (tallying 28 of them so far, but who is counting?), converting Robert’s site — I also mowed the lawn. Again – no small task there either (makes you wonder if I ever settle for small tasks?) After taking, and dealing with, a dozen or so phone calls for Hospice — and staring at code all morning long…I got blurry eyed and edgy. So I hopped on the tractor mower and cut 2 acres of yard.

And it’s early! I still have two site re-designs to accomplish before bedtime!

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