Template hell


I haven’t blogged in a few days here because I’ve been drowning in templates for MT! All of the sudden, I had a burst of requests for MT coded templates from my other site – – which is always a good thing, especially when it means a few $$ in my pocket right before Christmas!

But the requests all came at once! It’s funny how that happens. I’ve been running a small graphic design business on the web for about 6 years now and it always, always goes in spurts like that. I’ll go a month with nothing — then I’ll get 6 requests all at once. Like they all get together and say “Let’s see how much we can stress her out today??” lol

Anyways – I finally got them all completed late last night. It’s been a week of very late nights due to all of this sudden work…maybe I can finally get some sleep tonight!

Chris comes home today from Atlanta (’bout time too!)

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