Our wedding – the dinner

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention our amazing caterer from the wedding! Amanda and her crew from Amanda Smith, Inc did just an amazing job with our wedding. Everything from her staff, to the table settings, the planning, the food . . right down to the cake – they were simply amazing

Did Someone Say Wedding?

Flowers for the bride, bridal party and the couple’s family? $600.00 Deposit for wedding photographer? $1200.00 Deposit for the caterer? $3000.00 Finding the perfect topper for the wedding cake: PRICELESS . . . . .


We’re down to 6 weeks to go until the wedding. Everything seems to be clipping along nicely – except for when we went to NY to do some planning and meeting with some of the folks helping (read: we’re paying) to make our wedding happen, our caterer got called to a funeral at the last …

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