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New Talent at E.Webscapes

I’m very thrilled to report that the response to my job posting for a new designer at E.Webscapes recieved such a large response. The talent out there is inspiring and I had the opportunity to talk to several designers from diverse backgrounds..it was really an interesting couple of weeks. Due to the large response, I …

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Validation Funnies

Can’t remember where I came across this – but I chuckled, as only a developer could: Our W3C, which art on the net: Hallowed be thy markup. Thy workingdrafts come. Thy Specs be done in Mozilla as they are in Opera. Give us this day our daily XHTML, and forgive us our hacks and workarounds, …

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Pay me to chat

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the folks at Harris Interactive to participate in a moderated discusison about emerging web technologies. Basically, it’s a Q&A online discussion that they are conducting for market research purposes. They found me via E.Webscapes – dropped me an email and asked if I would be interested in …

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