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Renewing my Wisconsin Nursing License – 2010

In 2010, I have the same gripe I have now, as I did in 2008 – – – aside from a few bucks out of my pocket every two years, there are no educational requirements should I decide to re-enter the nursing field.  In Wisconsin, mandatory continuing education as a condition of licensure exists for the majority of health care professionals except for nursing. Can you imagine?  I haven’t practiced since 2004.  That’s 6 years now.  In the ever-changing field of medicine, I can’t even begin to imagine what I’ve missed and how much I don’t know. 

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2-Year Renewal

March is a month away and I got a notice in the mail that it’s time to renew my nursing license. Here, in Wisconsin, we have to renew them every 2 years in order to maintain the license. It costs, roughly, sixty-five bucks to renew every two years – – there’s no continuing education requirements

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Genie in a Blog

Ask and Ye shall receive. Of course, I don’t think that phrase was talking about blogging – – but it did, at least in my case. Things remain a little nuts around here while playing catch up, no big shocking news there. Yesterday, I took a bit of a break and went to meet Tom

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A 36 Hour Day

Early in my nursing career, I was green, like most new nurses are. There is so much to keep straight, keep track of – I found it somewhat difficult to hone my bedside manner while, at the same time, keeping track of the medication schedules of 15 different patients – – wound dressing changes, meal

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